Sunday, April 13, 2008

Josh's 1st pine wood derby

Josh had his first pine wood derby this last saturday and Jake and Josh didn't start making the derby car until friday afternoon. I didn't think that it was actually going to get done they kept working on the the car design and sanding and glueing and I kept asking "form or function" They did finish but it was not a speed demon so I think next year they might work a little more on FUNCTION.. but they both did have fun Josh even said to me when I was getting him into bed..."MOM, dad and I make a pretty good team don't we." and isnt that what it is all about.

party till the cows come home

Becky and the boys came and visited and boy did we have fun....we went to Shamrock Farms and got the offical tour and to a giant treehouse, the zoo, enjoyed conference with Brian and Shanalee's family and even got some shopping in. It was fun to get to visit and play

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Party Ballons

The place we went out to dinner had this guy that went around making ballon animals and I was really impressed.. last time we went we got a choice of a flower or spiderman.. so this guy was awesome. I had forgotten my camera so I took a piture of the ballons after we got home... Bailey got a of course and Josh is into repitiles so he picked a alligator and jenny's lost a wing but was a beautiful butterfly

Happy birthday Bailey and Jake

We celebrated Bailey and Jake's birthday this week. Bailey got to have a party this year and the only day we could do it ended up on Jake's offical birthday so after the big party we took Jake out to a steak dinner and we didn't notice until the way home he was covered in pink and purple glitter. (dont you love princess parties)