Sunday, July 31, 2011

Utah (second time)

The kids with Grandma Owens.. Harry Potter they waited to see it with Grandma
Four wheelin' with Owens Side
Jenny and Uncle Andrew
Uncle Sam and Bailey
Zane's ride
Family Picture on top of Kimberly Mountain

We stopped by back at Grandma Owens house to see Uncle Sam who just got home from his mission (same mission as Virginia... She was his mission nurse) and went in the mountains alot. We love getting to use Grandma and Grandpa's  four wheelers.


                                               Jenny riding Becky and Shawns little motorcylce.
                                                    Brady and Zane in the bath tub
                                              Brady and Zane watching a movie
Boys Camping out

We stopped on the way back to Utah at Becky's. Somehow I only took pictures of the brady and Zane, opps but look how cute they were being.. We made it to Shawn's 40 th birthday party and even got to have a sno-cone..


Cannon Beach

Jenny pose
writing in the sand
running in the sand and waves
chasing seagulls
Riding the waves
Family in a Cave
Cold wet little Boy

We were only at the Oregon Coast for a few hours but we had to stop and play even though the kids got wet and cold within the first 30 minutes we were there.. and salt water dries sticky.. (sigh) it was still fun though



                                                         Bailey in trees near Vicki's house

Jenny and her hat
                                                                  Port Angles, Washington

We stayed  with Vicki for a few days in Washington when we crossed the border.. We also got to see my friend Beth but some how I didn't take one picture.

On the Way..... thru Alberta

Here are a few pics of the National Park in Alberta we went through on the way to B.C. It was GORGEROUS!! So pretty we only got out a few times because when we did stop we paid for it twice as much with Zane.. he would be soo happy to get out of the car but then when we had to put him back into the car after twenty minutes he would scream to get back out for thirty minutes... We kept trying to get the kids to put down their electronics and see the scenery which they finally did when we saw the bears and moose.

Fishing in Canada

Beautiful Lakes

The fisherman


Jenny and Julia getting ready to net some big ones..

Fishing with Gulbransons Boys
Zane getting in on the action


Bailey, Jenny and Julia catches

While we were in Canada OF COURSE dad made sure Jake went fishing.. alot. He took the girls a couple times and Josh once.. no pictures of Josh because the battery died but he did go ONCE. My dad and Jake got a kick outta the girls because they would hold and even KISS the worms for good luck where Dallin and Josh wouldn't touch them.

Horsing Around :)

Lisa let us all come out to her house and ride her horses... the girls were in love!!

Burns Lake

Grandpa and Grandma Manwaring

Dallin and Josh

Cousins on the Ferry

Dad and Zane

Kids walking down the road

Red Neck Stroller

We drove, drove and drove and got to Burns Lake "sometime" last month. We had so much fun and hope we can go again soon. The Area was so beautiful, Jake called it God's Country. Virginia spoiled us and defentitly was the" hostess with the most-ess" for sure. We loved getting to visit and meet our newest cousins and family. We stayed in Canada for a whole week, it went too fast.