Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Oregon 2012

I did not do a good job taking pics.. but we met up in Oregon on the way home and had our Manwaring Family Reunion. We had everyone there but Kim and Lynn. It was so Pretty and it was nice reconnecting with the whole family.


Grandma M taught us how to make flower garlands crowns. It was so fun and of course we had to have a photo shoot.

American Girl Store and Lego

This are their EXCITED faces.. Katelyn, Jenny and Bailey 2012

                                                            Their Purchases....$$$

Jenny wanted to go to the Lego Store

                                                     The girls trying to be like the lego people

When we got back to Seattle Becky and I and our girls went to the AMERICAN GIRL STORE. Bailey REALLY REALLY wanted an American Girl doll for christmas last year BUT they are sooooo much $$$ so I made her a deal. SO instead of getting a REAL one we would get a "TARGET" one for Christmas and if she liked it and played with it alot and SAVED half the money I would get her one this summer while we were in SEATTLE and she would ACTUALLY be able to go to the STORE and get it herself. WEll... she saved and saved and had the money I almost thought she would change her mind at the end and just get a book and shirt instead but NOPE she decided she still wanted it... so a deals a deal and she was SOO Excited. (but I havent seen her play with her since.. but she loves being able to say she has one I guess :)

Camera Pics

Zane SLeeping

Kittens at Grandma Owens

                                                     Chickens at Grandma Owens

                                                    Zane and Grandpa M
GrandPa M and Grandkids

                                           Big Cousins attempting to go on the lake on the raft

                                                   Lunch on the boat docks
Zane trying to Escape

                                                  Bailey in the flowers
 Kids at the beach the Water was FREEZING

My pic of Blakely :)

Here are some more pics that I actually took on my camera.. The kids were in heaven with Grandma Owens animals and all the lake pics with the kids. The lake was right by Grandmas Ms House. We played, boated and "canoed" it in. It was FREEZING but so pretty and fun. The big cousins went on the raft and didnt get very far but they did have fun and get WET too.

More Phone Pics

Chillin on the Beach

Zane running AWAY


What she wanted AFTER the drs.


Oh wait CHEESE

FLower Garlands

                                                         Zane BUG BITE


                                                              FERRY RIDE

                                                                   BIG CATCH

                                                     BIG COUSINS
Grandpa and Best Buddies Jenny and Brady

                                                          BRady doing a WHEELIE


                                                The King and QUeen