Wednesday, June 29, 2011

No More Naps!!

                               Someone thinks hes too big for naps... I beg to differ..
                                       (Zane asleep on Jake's head at 5pm)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dear Kids...

I am so tired... I am running away from home. Please remember to brush your teeth and change your underware, oh and just in case you haven't heard what I have been saying please ...

Be Kind to one other...Because you are brothers and sisters and we love each other

No, I will not pay you to watch Zane while I shower.. cause your the oldest.. sorry

Do Not eat popcicles on the Carpet...Because they melt and I can't get the red stains out.

Take Turns..Because that is nice to do and I said so

Please share... there is enough for EVERYONE.. YES THERE IS!!!

No ice cream for breakfast... that is not healthy... yes I know ice cream has milk in it

Yes, It would be fun to go to disneyworld... yep, other families DO get to do fun things...

Okay, I will pay you if you can keep Zane happy for an hour while I take a nap...

I'm sorry your bored... let me find you something to do... what you dont want to do a job???

Zane, please don't throw cars at me.. it hurts momma.. don't laugh...Dont you dare... OUCH!!

You need to go to sleep before midnight... yes you are too tired..Boy, you sound tired because you stayed up too late..

Shhh! your brother is sleeping.. guess who is gonna be in BIG TROUBLE if he wakes up and I'm NOT GONNA BE HAPPY AND EITHER WILL YOU!!

Why dont you go outside to play.. I know its hot... read a book then.. I bet I can find you something to do..nevermind alright..

Work it out or I guess I CAN "solve" the problem but you might not like how I solve it.

I think that about covers it.  Love , Mom

*Jake still away at camp ... So outta the three weeks we have been out of school I have been alone for 2 of them. I know he would rather be home with us and is trying to earn us extra spending money but I am so so discouraged. I have 2 more days until he gets home I hope I can make it.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Schools Out!!

Josh and Bailey jumping into the Pool.

Zane giving his "sea horse" some luvs

Jake and Jenny's Boat

School's out and Summer is here. We got to go swimming in our neighbors pool while they were out of town and it was like we had our very own pool. (Sigh) It would be wonderful.. if we did.

Girls bedroom door

Josh's Response


Jenny feeding the giraffes

We have been enjoying the summer so far.. had a little sibling rivary, gone to the zoo, swimming and to the movies (anything to keep cool.) Jake leaves tomorrow for his 2nd camp this month. We are trying to get geared up for our "BIG" road trip in July. Since Jake didn't take any vacation last summer because he was teaching at the academy .. he gets to take the whole month of July off. We are heading north to visit family and friends and end up to see my dad in Canada. We are so excited... even though Jenny has been telling everyone we are going to Romaina (not Canada) :)