Sunday, October 30, 2011

October Hunt

                                                               The leaves changing
Josh was thrilled to get the NEW Percy Jackson Book from Grandma

AND..not so thrilled when Jake took it away to pose for a picture and enjoy the GREAT OUTDOORS..

                            Chillin' with Grandpa and Grandma Owens and Sam in the camp trailer
Here's the HAPPY camper...

Jake and Josh got to go DEER HUNTING a couple of week ago in Utah with Grandpa and Grandma Owens and some of Jake's Brothers. Some of  Jake's favorite memories are getting to spend time with all the MEN of the family for the deer hunt. He grew up with hunter orange, guns, bows and his favorite weekend of the year.. OPENING OF THE DEER HUNT. I did not ... although I do remember Blake being quite dangerous with a BB gun. :) However this is something I support WHOLE- HEARTLY and can't wait until BOTH boys can go.. and have this time with their dad and grandpa and uncles and cousins..