Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sandpoint, Idaho (Near Bonner's Ferry) Just a pretty landscape

Jenny's Talent

We had a family talent show and Jenny wanted to sing...... Tell me if you know the is WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS....... GONE IS THE LOSER (she cant say hers g's or her l's)

Manwaring Cousins

Here is a picture of all the manwaring cousins with Grandpa Manwaring

7,000 Mile Road Trip

JAKe and the kids on a Hike in Marysvale with Grandma Owens
Jenny Cruising with Grandpa owens
Bailey picking flowers with grandma Owens
Us on a ferry to Friday Harbor in Washington State

We are Back.....we drove so far and so long but it was a fun trip. The kids kept asking us where are we, we still in America? We drove all the way to Washington State and got to visit everyone in between. Here are some pics of our travels