Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Zane's first ride

Is it meaner to not let her ride her new bike or let her in 1oo degree weather......???

Jenny turned five today. I can't help associate her birthday with my mom's death. It has been five years since she has been here. Jenny was the last baby to be born before mom passed away and I would like to think that she has been up there with all the other grandkids that have come since then (dad would tell you no, and that they are in two completly different places in heaven) but I am still going belive it. Anyways.... Jenny was all about motorcross and dirt bikes this year. I made a dirt bike cake (well..tried) and made her a cute dirtbike skirt (and yes i let her wear it to church ) She also got a bike... she wanted a DIRT bike but we are a little weary since Josh's broken arm which was a year ago this week. So she had to make do with a PEDDLE bike and told her to peddle fast.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I want comments!! COME ON PEOPLE

I never get comments! I write but hardly any comments then I relized that I dont make comments so I have been trying and making comments on the blogs I read so pretty please let me know someone is reading this. Please only people I know cause when I dont know you it is a little creepy :)

Zane's outta the closet

I want a bigger house!!!! I need a bigger house. Someday right. Jake and Zane have been sharing our bedroom closet. WAIT!!! Before you judge me listen .... Zane needs somewhere to sleep that is quiet during the day and until Josh is asleep at night in their room and Jake needs somewhere dark and quiet when he gets home at 4am from work. So I put a twin bed in there on the floor and it has been working until now.... Zane is figuring out to get past all the pillow barriades and has ended up off the bed and even behind the door or sleeping in shoes this week so do I move the playpen in there too then Jake and Zane would really be roommates.... I need a new house so at least my kids can stop telling people that their dad is in the closet.

Hit the Road Jack.... and (Bailey)

I took at least 10 pics of the four kids it is impossaible to get them all looking at me and smiling.

School finally started for Josh and Bailey!!! Yeah! They are doing good in their new school. The only thing that I hate is all the driving... It takes me a hour roundtrip to take all the kids to school and get back home and even longer picking them up but it is worth it to have them in good schools.. their only complaint is all the homework. All I can say to that is get used to it guyes that is life. Mean mom I know. I gotta deal with them doing it and complaining so it is HOMEWORK for me too. So here's to the new year Josh is a 4th grader and Bailey 2nd grader. They are getting so big.

"Sew" Long Farewell......

I made this shirts with fabric paint and freezer paper so cool

allyssa's bandana blanket, pillows and I even made curtains .... I bought over 60 bandanas (Not for this but I have made 4 blankets with all of them so cute.

I dont know I got 2 pics on here but I cant get it off

In the past few years I have started to sew more and more... and I am getting better and better at it. Nothing I would ever want to sell or make a profit at to my husbands disappointment. He thinks that I spend enough time and energy on my sewing projects I should start a bussiness hah!!! I am not a good enough or patient enough sewer. I don't take time to read patterns or pin fabric I just love to sew you know with all the guidelines. I would much rather throw away the fabric then unpick AUGHHHHH!! I hate to unpick, although I did recently buy an unpicker... maybe I am growing a little in this area. Anyways, my projects have always been and will be for my family and loved ones.. Because there is NO REFUNDS on LOVE right and they havent complained so far. I miss my mom and wish that she was here to see me be so domestic I think there was doubts of that when I was a teenager. I still laugh when I sneak a little sewing on sunday (I cant help it sometimes) and remember her telling us that if we sewed on sunday we would have to unpick it with our nose. Anyways.. what I am trying to say is Goodbye to my sewing machine for a little bit (Maybe a month or 2 weeks, well at least 1 week) because I have lost my balance. I have no idea how much I have spent on fabric except I love it. I wish I could make my own fabric. Yes, I sound a little obessessed I think. Jake is constantly picking strings of my clothes, oh boy I sound sad don't I. Before I say goodbye for a little while I wanted to show off some of my projects I am proud of... hey family let me know if you want to order something you know like in a few weeks.... :)