Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Zane is now in 12-18 month clothing and I opened the box of clothes that I have been buying and putting away for him to grow into and I found this... I bought the same outfit TWICE in the same size . I am losing it or I guess I really like dinos

My baby is six months old. Man, I wish the pregnancy when this fast.... Zane is still healthy and hasn't had any ill effects from being in the hospital and everytime we go to the doctor he is impressed of how clear his lungs sound. We were truely blessed to have had him recover as well as he has. He has grown and always seems to get comments about what a chunk he is. He is sitting up by himself and has 5 teeth and two more that are almost through. Jenny is getting a little friendly-er with him. She will talk to him and make faces at him when he needs to be entertained while I am doing something but ONLY if Josh and Bailey are busy or gone. She would rather watch them play with Zane and stay in the back ground. Jake and I always have had a competion to see if the baby says mom or dad first... but this time the kids have joined the race.

Big Brother Josh

I woke up a few weeks ago and came out out my bedroom and was headed towards the boys room to check on the baby when I saw this in the living room. I paused and said"What the heck Josh what are you doing." He simply answered "Watching cartoons with my little brother." It was a cute moment but then I relized that he had somehow gotten Zane out of the crib and carried him into the living room so I said" Josh, you have to be careful... what if you dropped him." Josh looked up from the cartoons and said" I would cry FOREVER!! "

Josh is such a caring big brother I love it and I hope that he remembers how much he loves his brother when he is a teenager and Zane is an annoying little brother.

105 and higher....

opps wrong pic and I cant figure out how to delete sorry

It is starting to feel a lot like SUMMER. ... and we are staying here for the summer so we broke down and got our kids a big swimming pool to (tire them out) I mean for them to play in during the day after jobs are done. I had to fight Jake to get one. .. but I won . It is the perfect height and and only deep enough to go up to Jenny's chest but wide enough for them all to swim. So we had it up a week and it has been wonderful. The kids have played for HOURS each day and eaten lunch and dinner out on the trampoline and then gone and played some more. The best thing is at bedtime they totally CRASH!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Oh my Heck!!! What a fast trip!

Grandma had a backyard full of baby kittens ... the girls couldnt get enough of playing and catching them. Which takes skill according to Bailey.

Jake and Jenny and I went on a four- wheeler ride in the west mountain and saw lots of deer hiding in the trees. He took Josh earlier and Josh pointed at a herd of deers and said "Look Dad a FLOCK of deers." which of course made Jake cringe.. someday he'll know its a HERD not a FLOCK
Grandpa took Jake and the kids out on his boat and Bailey was the only one to catch a fish. She was so excited but was disappointed when she found out she couldn't keep it to eat.

We drove up on the mountain until we found some snow. The kid got wet and cold. Some day they can play in snow and actually have clothes that were meant for snow so they don't get cold so darn quick... I hope.

Zane taking his turn driving on the way home. 1200 miles in 5 days. Whew!

We went to Utah on Sunday to visit Jake's family until Jake (recovered) and played in the mountains around his house. I think that is one of the things that we all miss the most ( other then family of course) is the mountains and being around seviers beauty. Yes, Thats right I think that sevier is so pretty and I love how close the mountains are. It makes me sad that our kids are going to grow up driving in those mountains like Jake did. Anyways, We had so much fun playing with cousins and being outside where it wasn't over 70 degrees most of the time, which was great since it is over the 100's here now.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thumb Wars

Zane wont take a binky and still hasnt figured out how to suck his thumb successfully so this is what we go thru every night until he gives up and settles on a finger or thumb or mom force feds the binky.

Zane five months

Zane is five months and I cant belive it. It really has gone fast so fast I am a little sad but it is fun to start and see his personality coming out. He still hasnt gotten any kind of loves from Jenny other then a hi five, Bailey and Josh continue to smother him and help me out so much. We are finally on somewhat of a shedule and he sleeps thru the night. Here are a few cute pictures of him in some our adventures this month. (I bought a bumbo chair which came out a while ago but new to me and a baby sling however he is almost too chunky for both.... what he likes to eat.

Theres a new baby in the house.....

named Jake. He was teaching a motorcylce training class and was explaining how everyone crashes and decided to give them an example as well. (Not on purpose but I think he got his point across. ) He dislocated his shoulder and is in a lot of pain and the dr thinks he might of torn some tissue or something. He has a MRI apt. next week. So he is probably home for the next few weeks recovering. This would be cool to have my husband come with me and still get paid except he cant dress himself or pick up the baby or change diapers or really hold the baby. SO I have a nother kid to take care of.