Friday, December 28, 2007

My brave Bailey

Bailey is my tough girl... she was twirling around being a ballerina when she somehow crashed and knocked her two bottom teeth loose..... she said mom can you pull it out and I did and NO TEARS. Amazing and a new experience for us and the poor little girl only got 6 quarters for her bravery. What a crock. Flossing

Josh's BB GUN

This year for christmas Jake was determined to get Josh a red ryder BB gun and even asked santa for one for himself... I was a little nervous not because of it being a gun but of Josh's reaction so on christmas I had my camera posed for the money shot... it was so funny I am glad that I was prepared... Josh said "a gun.. why would you give me a gun" and later.. "that was my least favorite gift... and before that "here Bailey you can have it." Let's just say Jake was a little crushed.. so much for male bonding at least I did give him a couple of "tom" boys that were so excited to go shoot with daddy.


We all were taken care of this christmas.... Josh got books and games and Bailey got a camera and horse stuff and a new blanket made by mom and Jenny got playdough which she loves and horse stuff and a new blanket too... and jake got fully loaded with motorcylce riding gear.

Josh's 8th birthday Party

Josh turned 8 three days before christmas and had a pokemon party.... lots of fun, lots of work I still can't believe he is eight.

O Christmas "orange" tree O Christmas.....tree

Look at our first oranges on our tree and yes they are ripe in December... a christma miracle

Sunday, December 16, 2007


This morning when we were getting ready for church Jenny fell off the chair and hit her eye somehow. Believe me it looks so much worse in person. I think we will be getting a black eye.... wow just two days after pictures and a week before christmas. Boy, did we luck out.


Peek A Boo We went and got the kids pictures taken a few days ago they turned out fairly well I have decided that I am the kind of mom that doesnt just let the photographer do their job and think i know how to get my kids to pose better... yet I wanted to just walk away because it was so painful to watch .

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


What Do You Want For Christmas?
Hear me talk!
3D Elf With Candy Cane Gingerbread Mistletoe 1 Present
Ho Ho Ho
Hear me talk!

Is it starting to look a lot like Christmas yet...??

This week we tried to decorate the outside festive with lights and stuff like that... the kids have been asking why our house doesn't have lights so we decided to try this year and let me tell you wasn't as easy as it looks. We dropped lights, broken bulbs everywhere and kids that got bored and played in the mud WHAT A MESS to clean up. Then we went for the tree and Jake had to have a real one of course and finally the day we loaded up all the kids to go and get it The weather turned ULGY... it rained and poured and yes, we actually had to turn our heater on... another first for us here in Arizona but Yeah it is done. Can't wait for next year..
3D Santa

Thursday, December 6, 2007

merry christmas 2007
check this out for our virtual christmas card.....

Monday, November 26, 2007

motorcylce rides

Jake got a motorcylce from the Thanksgiving turkey Present Giver....what never heard of him before Jake swears he is real... Jake borrowed a bike for Shawn and they got to escape the mayhem and go on a couple rides but they didnt get away from giving the kids rides..


We got family to come for thanksgiving we were so excited for all the cousins. Here is a picture of the cousins at the Orange Patch.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Jenny B-day Picture

Here is a picture of the kids on Jenny's birthday... she was all about Lighting Mcqueen that is our little tomboy

Friday, November 2, 2007

Jake's Truck all done ...I hope

Jake worked non stop for a month, had a couple sick days, and a couple trips to junk yards looking for parts and a trip to Utah to paint it and here is the finished product.

Jake's truck in stage 2

When Jake bought this truck he told me that it would be a quick fix...I started to doubt that after he started cutting it apart....yes, I said cutting apart.

Jake's new truck

Jake bought this truck for 200 dollars in September....This is the AS IS no warrenty picture


Uncle Aaron and aunt Penny came and met us the last day we were at Disneyland and taught us what a "fast pass" was. This was the funniest day and fastest for waiting in line..;> thank you Aaron and Penny.


The kids at the FINDING NEMO ride we waited 2 hours for.

Disneyland 2007

Our family went to Disneyland in September and it was everyone's first time so we were all a little lost and overwhelmed but we did have a lot of fun and felt like we kinda had disneyland figured out by the end of the trip. We learned that having an odd number of kids is not good for rides someone is always left out. Josh being our oldest got to go alone and that did not work well. Lets just say I hope that he will go on "exciting" not scary rides sometime again. Bailey was so brave and went on all the 'exciting" rides. Jenny was a inch too short and was very offended she didn't get to go. It was lots of fun and a good memory I hope and not just a tramadic experience for Josh.


Josh lost two teeth this week...aka mom pulled those suckers out. There was blood and tears but don't worry Josh made 10 bucks from the tooth fairy so he was very happy the next morning. The tooth fairy was offering a special rate for her tooth exchange program that night only so he was very brave and was rewarded for being so.

My Jenny ...hell on wheels

Here is a picture of Jenny riding her barbie jeep. We found his on Craigslist for cheap and she loves, loves it.

I did it....yeah

Wow.... this was so so easy. Here is picture of Bailey at her first horse back riding lesson. She was so excited. I am not sure where the love from horses came from but she is almost hitting the two year mark of being obsessed so I am starting to think that this horse thing might be here to stay.

Arizona Owens

Here are our cute kids on Halloween this year. Josh is Ash Ketchem famous Pokemon trainer and Bailey is an appaloosa horse and Jenny is a paint all homemade by mom.. so I hope you can tell what they are..;>ANYWAYS.....
This is our first post. So here is goes to see if I can figure it out.