Wednesday, January 23, 2013

4 more ... family pics

Zane 4years

                                                                Bailey 10 years
Jenny 8 years

Josh 13 years
We got family pictures done right before Christmas and I was actually thinking of Christmas Cards this year but NOPE! didnt happen... (but did you see all the other cute stuff I did:) Maybe next year!

More Family Pictures


Family pictures

Grandpa and Grandma Owens

Grandma and Grandpa Owens came down to Arizona after the new years and Jake and Josh took them to a Utah Jazz game/ Phoenix Suns game. I think these are the only pics I have to prove that they were here even. It was a short but sweet stay. We love it when they come.

Grandma and Grandpa Manwaring

grandma teaching dance class

grandma teaching me how to make apple pie

Grandpa and grandma teaching me to CAN

Zane at the "flea market" I TRIED my hardest to get grandma and grandpa to buy these for all
the peterson boys and Blake's boys... I was that CLOSE!!!
Grandpa playing headbands with us.I asking him if he HAD AN IDEA! Nope, he didnt catch on. haha

Grandpa and Grandma Mawaring came and stayed with us for almost 2 weeks. While we were wearing our jackets while it was in the 60's .... Grandpa was LOVING it. They spoiled me so much! They got me going and EXCITED about my food storage. We went to movies and flea markets and Grandpa helped build me a bench seat for my bay window in my bathroom. We enjoyed them so much.

Homemade gifts

Baileys book mark from Zane

Josh's bookmark

Bailey's gift to Josh

Jennys bookmark from Zane

Bailey's tent for Jenny she made one for zane too

Jenny american girl doll bed for Bailey
Some of the things the kids made for each other. This year I  talked them into MAKING gifts with ALOT of jake and I's help of course but the ideas and the time spent was theirs. So much time and energy but they really did turn our to be their FAVORITE gifts.

Christmas Day

Josh with Just Dance 4

Bailey with new Books

Grandma and grandpa Manwaring opening presents..
                                                 Jenny and Grandpa working on her lego house
                                                      Jenny with her doughnut baker kit
More Trains for Zame

Art Kits

Josh went back to bed

Zane and new books
So somehow I only took pictures with my phone and got some scary eyes in some of the pictures. The kids seemed happy with their gifts from us and santa but there very FAVORITE were from their homemade sibling ones.. (next post)

Christmas Eve

christmas eve... building home depot gingerbread houses

Baileys new christmas dress and american girl doll

Grandma Manwarings blanket presents

sleepy grumpy z (with his blanket from grandma ..favorite one now still)

                                    Elf trap... and spy gear to see if any kids woke up and peeked
                                        Kids on top of stairs waiting for me to cut the elf trap :)

Christmas was wonderful this year AFTER it was over of course.. We had grandma and grandpa Mawaring visiting so we got to enjoy them too. They came back up from Brians on Christmas Eve... and I had found some clearanced gingerbread houses at home depot which I thought were perfect for grandpa. The colors were even orange and white haha. That was a fun activity for the kids after our CLAM CHOWDER from IVANS even. Grandma helped me make bread bowls to put the soup in and it was SO GOOD. We read the Christmas story out of the bible and warned the big kids that they werent allowed to get up until we came and got them from Jenny's room. They all wanted to sleep in there together... AFTER zane woke up. So we didnt get up until 7am and it was wonderful and the big kids were good sports about it as well.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Josh's Bday #13

birthday booty

                                                              fancy minecraft cake

These are the only 2 pics of Josh's bday that I took. BAd mom maybe... I really struggle with my xmas birthdays.. (I was sewing grma and grpas BEAUTIFUL blanket during his "PARTY" ) so I was a little distracted.. Josh wanted to go to the movie "THE HOBBIT"with his 2 good buddies.. which I passed to Jake... 3.5 hour elf, hobbit, ring BOY BONDING.. but I did make him a ice cream cake :) He wanted the new lego lord of the rings wii game .. which I got and Jake took him to a suns game. He had a great time and I dont think he minded his mom sewing in the background for the night. Josh is such a good kid. MOST of the time. There are times when that TEENAGE starts to come out but he is always quick to back down and I hope has learned to "listen and say OK MOM I will try to do that Im sorry.." Instead of arguing and digging himself in deeper. :) And he is still learning what he can and CANT say to his sentstive sisters.. yes , EVEN if he starts the sentence out with "NO OFFENSE but....He is very thoughful and loves his family and his wife will love him someday that much more for putting in his dues with his 2 sisters..haha  He still loves his books and video games ALOT as well. Josh is a big help to me and just as I ALWAYS tell him Heavenly Father sent him first  to be a good big brother to his sisters and for his mothers sanity because  honestly he was my easiest baby, toddler, grader school yet ..we sure love him.

Zane's Birthday # 4

silly z

Flying z

sleepy z and m

"picky" z 

                                                            Preschool Z

Birthday cake Z

 zane the train

                                                        Forced sibling picture by the cake
Zane turned Four in December. He will ALWAYS be MY BABY. Sad as it is.. that is the truth. I was noticing the other day I still carrying him QUITE a bit. ( I have been working on this and putting him down and he quickly will  grab at me wanting him to pick him back up cause really who wouldn't want to be CARRIED everywhere RIGHT) So I have started to tell him "NOPE, you walk YOUR LEGS ARE NOT BROKEN" and now he goes right to "MAMMA. HOLD ME LEGS BROKEN" be still my heart! and totally makes me GIGGLE.  I know I know Im not helping myself. It mostly gets me cause he SAYS it. Zane is FINALLY talking somewhat, hard to understand by ANYONE but someone that is related to him when he is trying to tell you what he wants or needs and  I still have to  ask twenty questions and I STILL CANT UNDERSTAND..he has started to take my phone and take pictures of things (a later post coming) and then.... he will get my phone open up my pictures , scroll through and point to the picture of what he is trying to tell me. OH, this little boy is so sweet and smart and im finally getting to ENJOY that. We did take him to a developmental doctor and had him evalated for autism. I was so sick about this and many many tears were cried over the whole process. He only qualified for speech... because he is soooo behind but didnt even hit there baseline in all the other sections tested. The doctor then referred us to the state for help to get him caught up... another LONG process but he wasnt BAD ENOUGH to get help either. So we are working on it and getting him back into private speech and he loves his preschool too. I just know this year is going to be the best year yet! ANYHOW ,,,, the birthday part- Zane was so excited for his bday and wanted an angry birds cake and a train set. He still wasnt ready to give up his birthday day when it was Josh's. "NO, MY BIRTHDAY MY BIRTHDAY!! " he would say whenever Josh would talk about what he wanted to do or eat for his bday. AND then Josh would ARGUE back "YES ZANE ITS MY BIRTHDAY YOU CANT TAKE AWAY MY BIRTHDAY!!,," /yep my big 13 year couldn t let that one go either lol