Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dont Worry Be Happy...

In Line for the Toy Mania Ride (My favorite)

                                                            It was Halloween Time ALREADY

Z finally put his glasses on but wasn't very happy about it

Ride Buddies.. these two rode every ride together

Trapped in the Toy Story Box

                                                          The Swinging Ferris Wheel..

                                               We're not scared ... well maybe a little..

Coming  in 2012
Tea Cups

                                             The BIG seven year old asleep waiting for the shuttle bus

      The Big kids fell asleep too .. the only kid still awake was Zane who was running around and around..

SO we went to the to the HAPPIEST PLACE ON THE EARTH.. DISNEYLAND!! Jake and I surprised the kids and went to Disneyland the weekend of Jenny's Birthday. We both felt like we were being completely irresponsiable but WHO CARES!!  I have been so sad and depressed with life for the last year... Jake has been busy just trying to keep me happy. I wrote a couple of months ago that we were finally going to make some changes in our lives and I was so excited about that.. to feel SETTLED mostly. Jake did not get a transfer last year. So the deal was we were going to look for a bigger home for our family and just settle here in Arizona. So ....we started looking and since March we have put 4 offers on 4 different houses and have been outbid or its fallen through.
When we were in Canada and traveling both Jake and I loved the scenery and the green  so much!! And then we came back to Arizona.. which I have grown to love too and have friends and family here  but we WOULD really rather live somewhere with seasons and to get Jake in a safer job environment.  Jake's been dealing with more and more drugs and criminals that are coming through the border. It seems like it is getting more and more dangerous. He IS willing to stay and SETTLE in Arizona but we both know his heart is not here. So we are tired of fighting to get into a home we arent sure we even want anymore so we are offically back in LIMBO. Hoping and praying to get to the place that is a good place for us and Jake  can be in a safer environment and we can just be HAPPY is the main goal. I am giving all my worries and prayers to the Lord cause it is truely is his hands and we will go or stay whenever he wants us. AND I JUST CAN NOT MENTALLY HANDLE IT anymore so I'm letting go of them.

ANYHOW... Disneyland was fun. Zane screamed and cried the whole most of the time because he wanted all the toys that were EVERYWHERE.

SIDE NOTE*** I got a new nice expensive camera for my birthday last year and Zane threw it and broke it our first day BEFORE we left for disneyland so on the last day we broke down and went and bought a cheap one.. so not the best pictures but at least we got some right!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Jenny's Seven


                                                Katelyn dressed her up.. before she turned all boy

                                                         Megan and Jenny so little ..

                                                   Jenny .... seventh birthday 2011

Jenny is Seven. She is so big. I am so glad that Jenny is part of our family. She is full of sunshine and is very well natured. She is starting to like pink and is turning a little girly .  I not totally sure if that is peer pressure or the start of a good balance. She still loves being a puppy or various animals.. we often have to say Jenny "No BARKING"!! Jake and I joke that if she and Zane came first ... we might only have 2 kids :) They are our wild ones for sure..

Sunday, September 18, 2011





This is a new term at my house.. Squabbling siblings. Well, except Zane because he remains the favorite among the kids. I have been having the hardest time getting the kids to get along. One of them always has to be a magpie. MAGPIE*(Know -it- all , Annoying Bird)- One that twerps in with un-wanted and un-needed andotes while mom is getting after other sibling causing the offender to lose focus on their redirection and yell at the "MAGPIE" instead of listening and learning from their wise mother..
All the children are fed up with sharing a room and are quick to tell me JUST how easy their life would be without this trial. Josh is sick of sisters and wishes he and "Zane" were the only children. Bailey and Jenny take turns either fighting with each other or Josh. Oh all the woes these kids seem to have.It has been exhausting being the mediadtor and brokering truces. Wish me luck cause weren't gonna need it.