Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekends at dad's

Jake has been in Tuscon for the last two weeks for training and the kids and I have been going up for the weekend to visit him in the hotel and swim and play around there. The first weekend we went up the kids were so excited to go swimming that they had to go that night. So Jake took the big kids down and I went and sat by the pool with Zane. Josh quickly started to laugh and announce loudly that he had just put the "P" in the word pool. Jake was of course impressed and got after him since everyone was staring at him the parent of this boy who just added to their swimming water. When we went back up to the room the kids kept telling their dad" Just how much they liked his new place" It was very nive but I made sure Jake knew he had to come back home at the end of the training. :) So the next morning we went to the Pima Air Museum and saw 17 miles of airplanes. I Know sounds exciting right. When we got back to the hotel the kids begged to go swimming again. Jake said that he would take them as long as they all went to the bathroom and no one peed in the pool. He still was not over the embrassment of the night before. I was planning on taking some pics of them swimming but we were back 10 minutes later because Bailey had put a different kind of "P" in the pool. Oh well, Sorry we had to ruin Jake's limited Bachelor days at his hotel...

"Boy-lee" Owens

So it finally happened. I have worried and feared some day it might. Everytime someone told "their" story about how it happened I would gringe and think I am so glad that hasnt ever happened to me but it did. I am now an offical member of "My daughter cut her own hair" club. This week I was running around trying to get everyone ready for school and lunches packed and zane fed. I asked Bailey to go put out the ponytail holder she had it her hair and brush her hair out and I would come and help her fix her hair. I went into the bathroom to find hair all over the floor and bloody fingers. She had tried to CUT the ponytail out instead of pulling it. On the first try she only cut hair so she tried again and again. I guess I do have to hide the scissors better and hopefully she has learned her lesson because she doesnt like me having to style her hair every day but I have to until it grows out a little bit. Josh being the big brother quickly came up with a nickname for his sisters her do. Boy-lee. Very creative I only came up with Tim for Kim when she cut her cut short when we were little.