Sunday, May 29, 2011

Time Outs!

"What your really going to leave me here?"
"Don't look at me!!!"
                                                      "Told ya you can't stay mad at me"

Zane has been being a little stinker lately. Oh, he defiently is the baby and he knows it. Jake and I are trying to lay down the hammer.. :) And it's sooo hard but it's gotta be done. Wish us luck!

Toothless at Last

Jen's face when I told her her tooth was ready to pull

Ready, Set.... Yank!!

Jenny has been dying to lose her first tooth.. she has watched Bailey and Josh lose their teeth and now that she has been in first grade EVERYONE has been loosing them. Since she is a "young" first grader she hasn't quite understood why her teeth haven't fallen out. So she has been trying to wiggle them all year and eat apples anything thing she could think of.  SO she made it ... just barely 2 days before school was out and wasn't the only one in her class that hadn't lost a tooth yet... (Just wait until until all the kids in her grade get their licenses and she has to wait till the next year... she will love me FOR SURE :/ )

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Run 2011

Becky and Vicki

Kim and  me

Before the Race (pic take my me)

Kim and Vicki in the home stretch

Their competition

After the Race ....WE DID IT!!

Out to Dinner with Aunt JaNell and Girls

I Did it!!!! I mean we did it. We ran a 5k. Us Manwaring girls( me and my sisters) went to Provo this last weekend for a sisters weekend and to run a 5k. Becky and I had set a goal to do it and we talked Vicki and Kim into it.. (actually triple dog dared them ) It was so fun and we laughed and shopped and ate and went to a movie and met up with Aunt LaNay, Michelle and Antionette (no pic srry) and Aunt JaNell and her girls too. I'm glad we got to spend our mother's Day weekend together.

The Case of the Sneaky Easter Bandit

This is what I first found in the girls closet
and then waited for the suspect to return
to the scene of the crime

I did not any cute Easter Pictures of my kids this year... still kinda hoping to get one but .... life happens. Anyhow, a couple of days after Easter I kept finding Zane with candy and I couldn't figure out where he was getting it.. cause I put his up and had warned the big  kids to do the same ... so I followed him and this is what I found. I have to say I giggled a little to myself before I tampered with the crime scene and hid the evidence of stolen property before the girls got home from school.