Tuesday, May 25, 2010

GOOD COP, BAD COP ( instructor)

Jake is leaving on Monday for New Mexico. He is gonna teach firearms at the academy until the middle of October. We are excited to actually get picked for something and the opportunities that it will bring(hopefully)  but sad because we love our new school so much I'm going to come home in August to get the kids in school and be all by my lonesome (well plus 4 kids) for 2 months while Jake finishes up out there. School doesn't get out for my big kids for another 2 weeks so we are staying behind until then and then we are following him out there for the rest of the summer. They say that it is at least 10 degrees cooler in NM so yah for just 100-100.5 degrees this summer.


We lost our dear "beloved" Cotton last Sunday. She became just too daring and jumped into the dog kennel with the dogs, who quickly caught her and sent her blissfully to heaven..... then Bailey went outside when she remembered her bunny was still outside roaming and screamed bloodly murder!!!!!!!!!!!!! After a few hours of hysterically crying and sobbing between Jenny, Bailey and Megan. We still werent able to find "Nuts" and decided maybe she had gone to a better place too and were content to be bunni-less for a while  but later that night we found her (Nuts) hiding in the backyard and we were so happy but sad because who knows if rabbits get lonely so..... meet Nuts's new best friend (cinderella) Cinnamon.
P.S. Josh just informed me that my use of satire in the title wasn't appropiate.... guess he doesn't get my humor but has succeeded my vocabulary.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Zane is almost 17 months at the end of this month and boy is he a handful. He is keeping us all busy chasing after our little "tornado" He throws everything and doesnt talk much just grunts or screams.. (Yes, I am watching that and trying to get thim to verbalize what he wants) but the only word that he says consistly is "DAD. "  He knows how to open doors and loves to play cars on the toliet lid.. (until I catch him) digging in the bathroom to find curlers. ... climbing on the bunk bed to list a few.The novetly of having a little brother has also worn off with the kids.. now that he is ripping everything apart and throwing all the books out of the bookcases and smacking them in the head with cars and remote controls. I hear the girls getting after him often yelling "bad boy.....Bad Boy.....BAD BOY!!!!" Followed by a MOM!!!!!!!! Help... get Zane!!! I am still enjoying him even with all the excitment and am glad Heavenly father saved him for last I just hope I can find the balance that keeps him a good boy not A BAD BOY (spoiled baby boy)