Monday, August 15, 2011

School is Cool 2011

The School Year of 2011 has offically been started for a week now.

Josh is in 6th grade and FINALLY has a BOY TEACHER!! He is so excited cause he has never had one yet in 7 WHOLE YEARS and his teacher lets them do their homework IN class which is apparently NOT FAIR to the girls who still have homework when we get home from school. So he just mighta hit the jack pot.

Bailey is in 4th grade and is a little sad one of her best friends is not in her class and is quick to tell Jenny just how hard school gets... " First it's EASY PLEASY Jenny... THEN it gets sooo hard!!" and I reply with "Bailey, please don't scare your sister... she will do just fine." and smile at Jenny who is looking quite sheepish by the minute.

 Jenny is in 2nd grade and has the same boyfriend from last year... even though they are not in the same class. She came home and told me that Kaleb had to decided to break up with all his other girlfriends BUT her... and then let it slip that she was the one who was "BREAKING UP" with all the other girls FOR him. And so I also got to explain that was NOT COOL!!

Zane and I are the bus drivers and are always in the car it seems... he also has decided to give up his naps. SO sad for me because this means I no longer get my NAP either. :) He is now in the stage where he likes to watch a movie (the same movie ) over and over and over. His current favorite is Rio and Shrek. He loves anything with animals.

Jake is back at work and hating the heat and wants to go back on vacation. He is riding motorcylces again and has only fell a couple times so far.. heres to the new school year!!