Monday, September 22, 2008

The Real Batman(starring Jenny) and The One Arm Bandit

Jenny turns four!!!

Jenny turned four years old today. I can't belive she is that old... Well, all she wanted for her birthday was a batman suit which I made the cutest pink and purple one with a matching one for a super bunny as well which she loved. ..... until dad pulled out the batman suit he had found at savers for $ 2.99 which he talked me into getting as insurance... (I wasn't so sure she was going to go for the girl style batman) she got spoiled to say the least. We went to Chuck E. Cheese for dinner. Yuck! Was not good but the kids had fun and we made it home by 7pm. Here are some cute pictures of our Birthday girl and our day of fun..

Friday, September 19, 2008

Four-wheeler for Sale

I have been working really hard to get over my fear of Josh riding this little four- wheeler and he has been doing really good. Jake even got him riding gear and they have been going on nightly rides with the dogs.... so last night Jake wanted to take him out I decided to get some exercise and walk with the girls while they went riding. Everything was going good and Jake decided to go and take the dogs back so we could stay a little longer..... so he left me out in the desert a few miles from our house with the girls and Josh riding around on his four wheeler. He wasnt gone 3 minutes before I heard Josh scream and he had flipped the four-wheeler over on him. He was probably over a 100 feet from me so I took off running (forgetting I am over 6 months pregnant now) and left the girls screaming. When I got to him his legs were still under the four- wheeler and he was even missing a shoe. That was pretty scary for me because everyone knows Jake handles all medical emerencys. I was brave and started to look for injuries and he looked alright until I got to his arms. I am not a dr but I knew his right arm was broken. It was awful no bones sticking out but awful. So by that time the girls had caught up to me and started crying again because they didnt want a brother with a broken arm.... I just was weighing my options hoping Jake would be back soon. We were over 500 feet from the truck and plus I had lost the keys as I ran to get to Josh and Jake wasn't planning on being long.... so I sat and held Josh and his arm until Jake showed up on his motorcylce. Jake of course handled everything well and had his emt stuff in the truck and was able to put a splint on it until we got to the ER. Josh was very brave and wanted a blessing for we even started the car. So Yes, we have a broken arm through both bones in his right arm. They had to re set it straight and put it in traction. I know broken arms happen and this could have been a lot worse but it still was scary for me and if Jake was there it probably wouldnt of happened because he watches josh so closely and is riding close. All the things I couldnt do on foot. Josh went with Jake to drop the four wheeler off to get fixed and wanted to make sure that it would be fixed when he gets his cast off. So He is for sure braver then his mom.

Friday, September 5, 2008

What to name the Baby.....Jesus Santa Clause Owens

We can not agree on a baby name for the soon to be boy in our family. Jake pointed out that we had named all our kids with either J's or B's and our names fit that way too which I totally didnt do on purpose. So logically if I was going by that theory I need a B name but I swear they are all used and taken by family members. We have Brad, Brian, Blake, Breck, Braxton, Brody and a Brady that are already named and taken.... leaving me with not much. I don't like Brandon, Bryce, Brock and most of my logical other choices. I do like Ben and Blaine and Bo but I cant commit plus Jen rhymes with Ben so does that make it out as a choice esp. since jake calls her Jenny Benny and Ben is an old boyfriend name but so was Jenny (actually 2 old girlfriends) so we have that cleared and okayed. ANd I am sure my family all thinks of Blaine Nelson who was quite a strange duck. And Bo Owens too many oo 's next too each other and I dont like BEAU. So out of all the B's that is all I like. The other names that are under consideration are Wyatt, Luke, Zane, Justin, Matthew or Kaden. Jake votes for JACOB and to call him CUB and the kids want Jesus santa clause because of his birthday so close to christmas. So do I just give up on the B's and do a Z for the end?

Jenny's no princess

Jenny is such a little boy I am not sure what to do with her. Lately She is so into Batman, dinosaurs, starwars you name it. She has even started to talk in this weird voice that is supposed to sound scary but it is more creepy-like. I know this is probably a just stage and I should be grateful she doesnt want short boy hair too. (SHe will not let me cut it) but it does make me a little sad that is turning 4 in a few weeks and all she wants is a Batman suit and batman cake. Who says BAtman can't be pink right.