Wednesday, September 19, 2012

School Pictures 2012

The big kids

The girls

Onery Josh.. refused to SMILE

Jenny running away from Josh after trying to get him to smile by "tickling" him
The kids have been in school 2 months now.. I am finally getting to blog about it. Josh started 7th grade and decided he is a "TEENAGER" and teenagers have attidudes. We assure him that HAPPY teenagers lives are ALOT better then GRUMPY ones. Hes still working on beliving us. He is liking changing classes and is going well in school, He does have alot of homework though. Josh is now 5'9" and size 11 mens shoes. He is going to be tall for sure.
Bailey started 5th grade.. and was happy to have one of her best friends in her class with her again this year. I was so happy to find that out. She has a hard time with her teacher this year because she raises her voice alot at the kids and Bailey is scared to death of getting yelled at. Unfortunatly thats life and sometimes that happens.. She is getting all A's and is VERY CONCERNED about getting good grades. She is my worrier. I hope she relaxes some but still keeps those grades HIGH too :)
Jenny started 3rd grade and likes her teacher and her class. She is happy and loves school. She is still in speech and I hardly can tell anymore. She gives me hope for Zane. :)
HERE's  To the year 2012

Girls FISH too (and Brady)

The Fish
Bragging Rights

When the boys got home from the fishing trip and girls and brady were DYING to go so of course Jake and Uncle Billy took them on a little day trip.

Fishing Trip Part 2

The boys got to stay at a BIG CABIN RESORT it was Closed and EMPTY but Brother Beamer had a Key so they even got to sleep on BEds. Grandpa was SO HAPPY because he was so worried about being cold.. grandma even stayed up the night before they left till the wee hours to sew him long johns... purple ones :) The boys had fun and CLOWNED around ALOT! Hopefully I can get the boys to get on here and record something too.

Fishing Trip Part 1

The boat ...and the rail road track


I have been waiting and waiting to finish my Canada blog posts hoping I could get Josh and Jake to post the fishing trip and explain the pictures but its not happening so here are some pics of the big fishing trip they took with Grandpa Manwaring and the Beamers.