Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Christmas Babies

helping upwrap

what the heck?

Jenny DEAR

Zane loves candy canes

pjs i made that were a little different

Josh turned ten on the 22nd. He opened his present early (which was a ds game) so he could have a new game to entertain him on the way to California and help him be kind to his sisters. ... (his words) I told him that if  I gave it to him early that he wouldn't  have anything to open on his actual birthday which might be a little sad (hoping to defer him ) but he still wanted it early. I am either a wonderful mother or awful because I waffled.... let me explain. I felt bad that he didnt have anything to open and he was fine with not having anything but I WAFFLED... so I still had a wii game that I had bought back in November and it was one that Josh and the kids had really wanted and I didn't really need it for a present so I wrapped it up in bigger box and wrote ZANE on it.. you know since Zane didnt even get a present. (yes, this brings me back to horriable mother status) anyways, I brought out the present and told Josh that maybe he could help Zane open his present and did have a magazine wrapped for josh. So they opened it together and Zane was thrilled with the wrapping paper and josh was shocked with the contents..... a wii game why would you give this to Zane.... Then I am not sure if he has his mom figured out but he turned to Zane and said "Hey, buddy can I play this... and Zane of course Babbled and Josh smiled and said He said yeah, I know baby talk. " so Josh and the girls played had birthday cake and sang. I always feel bad for my christmas babies because this is the only time of the year that they get to celebrate and it is hard to actually have a party on their birthday with friends because of christmas loming. I realized something this year though having a sister that her birthday is on Christmas day and being born right after her. ... sometimes I think that the christmas birthdays are harder on the siblings. :) all the extra presents and extra effort from the parents to make it special for her. Bailey and Jenny have been so excited for christmas and see there presents under the tree and are dying to open them but they have to wait and wait and here Josh and zane get presents early and  cake and ice cream and singing.... and  of course special christmas treatment. They have been in tears a lot this week from all the added attention for the boys. Ahh, the ups and downs of the SEASoN.

Monday, December 21, 2009

LIKE men

Jake and I gave Zane his first haircut which was a little  scary but turned out better then I thought.. and he looks so growup. (A funny tidbit... josh has moved up and doesnt want kid meals anymore and the other day went we went out to eat he said that he eats like a man now)  I had  to laugh

Sea World birthday

We got home at 2am and the kids slept all the way

The big kids got soaked

Zane did not like the water

but he did like the sand

Jake and Jenny checkin out the tide pools

Josh feeding the sea gulls

Bailey chasing the sea gulls

My almost 10 year old is still not to old for stuffed animals...

Zane wearing jennys hat (look close and you will see a hand about to grab it back)

Jenny's hat she just HAD to have and we caved and got it

Birthday Boy

Grandma was the only one willing to sit in the SOAK zone with the kids

Our family

We went to Sea World this weekend and met up with Jake's parents and brother Aaron and his family (who graduated law school this week YEAH!) and it we just happened to be going on Zane's Birthday. We will have to sing and do the cake with Josh tomorrow for Zane but we got see Shamu and go to the beach which was so pretty I loved it.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

11 months and a KISS

well, it finally happened jenny likes Zane enough to kiss him. I was putting him down and I asked her if she wanted to give Zane a kiss and she DID. Yeah.... they might become friends yet. We are getting ready for the big birthdays next week and christmas. No wonder I was a mess last year. We took the kids to the park today and tried again to get pics of them for christmas but over 50 tries later we only got a few that would be good. I think I am gonna leave it to the professionals from now on because it is impossiable to get them all looking at the same time and zane to sit with the big kids at all.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Jennie o turkey

Things you probably should think about when naming your kids

josh and braxton 'man huggin"

all cuzins

girl cuz


my kids

Thanksgiving was fun this year. I was so thankful for not being pregant this year and I had a cute baby this year instead of a huge belly. Brian and Shan came up and we went and saw the temple lights and the kids played and played. We adults snuck out a christmas present and tried it out while the kids were "supposed" to be sleeping and got caught. The boys played on the fourwheeler and motorcylce. Brian was a "wild" man on the motorcylce and gave us all a little excitement. We tried to take some family pics each other but found out there is way too much SUN in arizona. I didnt take many pics but this is what I got. :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Zaney bug (10.5)

I have been a little slow updating Zane on his ten month status. He is mobile... oh my is he ever! He finally started to crawl at 9 1/2 months and now he is standing up and on everything!!! We have had to remember to pick up things on the floor that we don't want swallowed and shut the doors to all the hidden treasures esp. the porcelin throne. Here are some cute pictures of our Z bug.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Jen's New Digs

jen's bed and shelves

a little desk

finally her own space...knock first

Poor, Poor Jenny.... due to the current economy she is stuck with the rest of us in our tiny house. We making the best of our square footage and we now have 5 bedrooms instead of three. How did we do this you ask. ...simple I moved Zane's CRIB in our closet and I love it. It is so quiet and he sleeps so well and Josh has his own space back again. Jen and Bailey have been fighting and not wanting to share a room and Jenny decided to move out... in to our laundry room. She squatted in there for two weeks and I didn't think that she would last but she has and she loves it. SO I cleaned it up and tried to make it a little bit more comfy for her. It is now the place to be and Josh and Bailey always want to go and play in her room. So I am offically counting it as our 5th bedroom. :) and she is always a good sport and lets me know when the laundry is done... (I am funny)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

On Hallow's Eve...






This year for Halloween we got the kids dressed up and went to the wards trunk or treat. Jake was off and it was so nice to have him with us. He is on a new schedule that gives him weekends off and I love it, love it. Josh went as a jedi, zane as master yoda, Bailey as a cowgirl and Jenny a pirate. I did try and talk jenny and Bailey into doing a star wars theme with the boys but they wanted to do their own thing and I decided to pick my battles.