Sunday, November 29, 2009

Jennie o turkey

Things you probably should think about when naming your kids

josh and braxton 'man huggin"

all cuzins

girl cuz


my kids

Thanksgiving was fun this year. I was so thankful for not being pregant this year and I had a cute baby this year instead of a huge belly. Brian and Shan came up and we went and saw the temple lights and the kids played and played. We adults snuck out a christmas present and tried it out while the kids were "supposed" to be sleeping and got caught. The boys played on the fourwheeler and motorcylce. Brian was a "wild" man on the motorcylce and gave us all a little excitement. We tried to take some family pics each other but found out there is way too much SUN in arizona. I didnt take many pics but this is what I got. :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Zaney bug (10.5)

I have been a little slow updating Zane on his ten month status. He is mobile... oh my is he ever! He finally started to crawl at 9 1/2 months and now he is standing up and on everything!!! We have had to remember to pick up things on the floor that we don't want swallowed and shut the doors to all the hidden treasures esp. the porcelin throne. Here are some cute pictures of our Z bug.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Jen's New Digs

jen's bed and shelves

a little desk

finally her own space...knock first

Poor, Poor Jenny.... due to the current economy she is stuck with the rest of us in our tiny house. We making the best of our square footage and we now have 5 bedrooms instead of three. How did we do this you ask. ...simple I moved Zane's CRIB in our closet and I love it. It is so quiet and he sleeps so well and Josh has his own space back again. Jen and Bailey have been fighting and not wanting to share a room and Jenny decided to move out... in to our laundry room. She squatted in there for two weeks and I didn't think that she would last but she has and she loves it. SO I cleaned it up and tried to make it a little bit more comfy for her. It is now the place to be and Josh and Bailey always want to go and play in her room. So I am offically counting it as our 5th bedroom. :) and she is always a good sport and lets me know when the laundry is done... (I am funny)