Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ready to Ride?

Josh was supposed to get his cast off this week but the dr. ended up going out of town so Jake got permission to cut it off himself. WHAT! I know I can't belive I actually let him do it. Josh did not want jake to do it and has been very nervous that his arm would look funny. But we convinced him it would be easy and quick. It was a little more tramatic then both Jake and I thought it would be and we should have probably just waited but boy did that cast stink. The girls fought about who had to sit by him because of the smell. We even tried to sprinkle baking soda down in it. We are so glad that he is whole again and he can do his own homework (Jake and I have been taking turns doing his homework while he sits by us and tells us what to write and the teacher gave me complients on my handwriting not jakes) No more making sure everything at the dinner table is sitting on his left so he didnt knock it over with his cast.(cooked oatmeal all over the floor and his cast was by far the worst I had to clean up) But the big question is HE READY TO RIDE again? Nope. .. and either is his mom.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pedis for Jake

Jake and I went out on a date last night and I surprised him with a pedicure. This was after I caught him using his pocket knive on his heels. I have been wanting to go again for awhile but the only time I went before was in washington with vicki so I wasn't sure where to go but these nail places seem to be popping up everywhere. SO after the pocket knive incident twice this week I made an apt. for both of us. I wasn't sure that he would go for it so I waited to tell him until we were walking by the door of the nail place. (Luckily it is right by target so I had a good cover story.)He wasn't sure at first esp. when the lady asked him what color he would like. He freaked out and said "NO COLOR" She was kidding but he was still worried. Anyways, it was really fun to watch him swirm and finally relax and enjoy himself. I think he'd go back and he didn't freak about the price so now I have to figure out how I can afford two pedis every once in awhile instead of one.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cause we are crazy

Jake brought home a trampoline last week we had one before but he ripped the mat when he was jumping. Anyways, the kids were so excited to have a one to jump on again. Josh was upset that he wasnt allowed to jump with his cast. I know pretty mean of us to get this while one of the kids is out of commission but it was a get it or lose it deal so we did. I am still a little nervous to watch them jump. I think that the broken arm visual is still too close in my memories. Jake has taken full responsiable to take kids to ER and explain to social services while our kids have had so many injuries and even defend his reasoning agaisnt letting Josh jump broken arm and all.

yep, After hours of boobing Jake told Josh it was up to him to risk re breaking his arm having to have surgery HIS decision so of course he's been jumping. But only when dad is home because I just cant see that arm visiual again soon.