Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011

Jenny and her Castle

                                                              Bailey and her doll

                                                                   Josh and Zelda

Zane actually smiling
Matching overalls

Brothers getting along

                                                        Bailey out at 6pm on Christmas Night

Christmas was nice this year. I don't think I did very good with taking pictures... but I did get a picture of each kid with their favorite present and Grandpa and Grandma in Matching Overalls. :) We had company all of Christmas break and Jake worked clear up to Christmas Eve. Bailey was our peeker and sneekee one this year. I noticed tears in a package of hers and she woke up at 3am and looked thru everything and didnt ever go back to sleep and totally crashed at 6pm that night. I am glad that it is over and went well.

Josh turns 12

Josh and his "Triforce" Cake

Not THRILLED to with the new white shirt and tie

Whew! That wasnt the only thing he got..

                                                   Getting the priesthood in Utah

Josh turned twelve on the 22nd.. and we had Grandpa and Grandma M here for Christmas and Uncle Brian and family up to see the temple lights and of course eat some birthday cake. I got Josh a new white shirt and tie which didnt impress him much. I also had gotten him a new 3ds game but I had completly LOST it with all the christmas presents that I had hidden in my bedroom. I felt so bad... so he got a "replacement" family gift bday gift until I could find it. Poor boy, his mother is losing it. We left to go up to Utah with Grandpa M and Grandma M to Joseph for him to get ordained up there. It was nice to have so many of Jake's brothers there.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Zane is Three

Zane's Cake... we threw together last  minute

Bike ride with the family

Zane's favorite thing to do "THROW ROCKS"

All the Kids skipping rocks..

                                                                             Birthday Presents
Jenny was sick of me trying to get Zane to smile for a picture so she helped...

Zane's bday was pretty low-key this year. We stayed home went on a bike ride to the lake by our house to throw rocks.. (his favorite thing in the WORLD to do) and ate some cake and opened presents and that's it. Zane still loves anything CARS and  TRAINS. He still won't sit  still for a Thomas movie but LOVES seeing Trains esp. Thomas. Zane is still not talking much.. I'm starting to get a little worried and he is already signed up for speech starting this next month. I don't know how much of not talking is being the baby and having such" helpful" brothers and sisters or if its a problem. So we are now starting the speech testing and therapy. Zane is still loved so much by his family. He sure makes our life busier and crazier but we are so glad he came to our family.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Turkey Day 2011

All Ears..

Walking at the museum

Katelyn, Bailey and Garret

All the cousins except Brady and Zane

Brady and Zane Digging for Dinosaurs

7 Boys in a tiny Jeep

The Little Boys in the Dog House

Motorcylce rides

Tooth Fairys

                                                                     Pretty Nails

For Thanksgiving Becky and Brian's families came up to our house. We had 16 people in my little house. I worried about how we were going to fit everyone but we did it... and Shan and Brian and Becky and Shawn didn't even mind the bunkbeds. :) The kids camped out in the living room and it all worked out good. We met Brian and Shan the first day in Tucson and went to the Desert Musuem. It is a huge place set in the desert outside, wher you walk and walk. It was a beautiful day except I got lost with my girls.. long story but we used our "WITS" and found the rest of the gang. The Big Boys worked on motorcylces and trucks.. which led Becky and me on a wild goose chase for a part we weren't sure what it was called or where it went in the truck (Jake and Shawn were out on a motorcylce day trip) but again we used our "WITS" and camera phone and after 3 different auto parts stores found it!! We tried to go Black Friday shopping but decided it wasn't worth the lines and got back in the car and went home.. We didnt use our "WITS" on that one. I got to pull Garret's tooth out.. making my grand total of neices and nephews teeth pulled by Aunt Beth FIVE.. Merinda, Megan (hers fell out while I was babysitting so totally counting her) Katelyn, Dallin, Garret. I should start charging :) The last day we took all the girls and got pedis which cost us a pretty penny so I hoped they all enjoyed it. All and all it was a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with Family.