Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A tooth for a tooth???

Zane is four months offically now. He is still been such a happy baby since he has been out of the hospital. Jake and I wonder if they gave him the GOOD drugs. Anyways he also now weighs 18 pounds. What a chunk. I was sitting in sacerment on sunday and he started to suck on my finger and I felt a TOOTH. Yes, he got his first tooth already and the second is almost all the way through. Josh however lost a tooth the same day and wasn't as brave as Zane.

Easter Dresses

I have started to have to fight Jenny to wear dresses. Flowers are too GIRLY etc. so this year for easter we tried something different and I got some dresses made and let the girls pick the fabric this is what we got. yes, that is lightening MeQueen you see and Bailey went for unicorns

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Locks of Love

Well, I did it! I took Bailey and Jenny to cut their hair. Jenny was excited the whole way there saying she wanted hair like Megans... (yea, she loves you Megan) but once we got there she wouldnt sit in the chair and wouldnt smile not until we got out of the salon. We donated Jennys hair to locks of love and the lady cut it uneven so i had to go back and get her to fix it. It ended up a lot shorter then I wanted. Sniff, Sniff but it is just hair and it will grow back right. Jenny loves it and she is excited to look like megan and penny(Bolt's Penny) and Bailey wants her's shorter like Jenny's now. Maybe next time.

Monday, April 6, 2009

What....Hard Work !!!

I get my childhood now. I hated to have to weed rows and rows and rows of corn or not ever beening able to sleep in past 8am on a Saturday or getting dropped off at B.P. for hours to mow acres and acres of grass. I get it I didnt like it but I get the concept. Josh needs to have more responsiablity but how do I teach him that with no garden, acres of grass or a Victor to teach him. We are going to have to figure that out but for now he got a new weekly chore.... Mowing the lawn. He was not too happy about it and was quick to tell me that he was just to young to mow the lawn. I said "Josh, it you think you are too young then you are old enough!" so Jake and I taught him his mower operation safety and followed him along while he whined and I got a few pics which he wasnt happy about. I know who wants to pose for pictures while you are being forced to work hard... I just couldnt help it. Next on my list doing their own laundry and folding and putting it away... it is for their own good right.

I love having big kids!

Bailey talking to Zane while I make dinner
Josh feeding Zane (Happily) while I make their lunches for school

Jenny playing dinosaurs with Zane

The kids have been so good to help me with the baby. It is so nice to have the age difference. I was afraid of having such a big gap between Zane and the others but it is working out quite nicely. I love watching Josh and Bailey with Zane they get so excited about a coo or a smile and love to help (most of the time) and Jenny is liking him being around in her own way. She still wont kiss him or touch him much but she will get diapers and wipes and sit by him.

Scouts Honor

This past week was the Pine wood Derby it kind snuck up on us this year and we fudged Jake bought a pre cut derby car on ebay.. it was unpainted, sanded and you still had to put the wheels and fins on. Yes, I said fins it was a shark derby car. Josh is into sharks lately dont ask me why. Anyways, JAke and josh sanded, painted and glued and it was done and it looked a little too good so I told Jake he needed to let Josh put on some finishing touches so at least it didnt look store bought.. which he did with googly eyes and white teeth. It still looked too good to be boys own work but It didnt win first place so do we hopefullly we still have our honor.

Life is Good

It was worth it when I look at my sweet baby

This month is April,.... right. I realized that it has now been a year since my life has been normal. Morning sickness, weight gain, aches and pains of being pregnant, get this baby outta me stage, surgery(I mean birth) recovering from that physically and mentally, fussy, fussy baby, sick, sick baby. One Year this month of discomfort and discouragement that I can do this... survive and thrive with my children and enjoy my life. But today I realized I CAN DO IT! My baby is so happy and healthy and I am starting to feel like myself and actually feel like I can leave the house with and without all the kids in tow. It is a good thing because I was starting to wonder. Anyways... I also have decided that 4 kids is alot of dang kids. People look at you like you are crazy and it is a little crazy trying to get them all to behave in public. funny story this week Jake and I were at Wal-mart with he baby while the other kids were in school and I was sent Jake to grab something with the baby and he came back telling me that some old lady touched Zanes face. We are a little germ conscience right now... anyways he said she had asked him if this was our first baby and he told her no he is our 4th and she had said "no offense honey, but find a hobby and leave your wife alone." As he was repeating the story to me it clicked to him what she had meant and he said "how rude!!! find a hobby!!! how rude " I thought it was funny.