Saturday, October 31, 2009

On Hallow's Eve...






This year for Halloween we got the kids dressed up and went to the wards trunk or treat. Jake was off and it was so nice to have him with us. He is on a new schedule that gives him weekends off and I love it, love it. Josh went as a jedi, zane as master yoda, Bailey as a cowgirl and Jenny a pirate. I did try and talk jenny and Bailey into doing a star wars theme with the boys but they wanted to do their own thing and I decided to pick my battles.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Campin' we will go....

the happy campers oh the stress having little ones by a roaring fire

the only place Zane was happy was in this laundry basket so he didn't feel contained

I couldnt fit the playpen in the trailer so Zane was at home in a towel closet...

I have always thought of myself as a fairly good outdoors girl and that I liked camping but I have decided that I am not a camper esp. with little kids. We went camping last weekend for an extra birthday celebration for Jenny. Jake was so so excited and we borrowed a 26 ft. camping trailer from one of his friends. We were all ready to find out if we are "trailer" people (not trash) We  went grocery shopping and Jake had all these ideas for wonderful campout foods and i let him buy all his ingedients while slipping in easy things like donuts, lunchables, and crustables in the cart. After spending 200 dollars on food for our 2 day camping trip we packed bikes, fishing poles, playpens, bumbo and clothes for hot and cold weather...... so much work. So we went camping in Payson which is i think normally only 3 hours away but it took us over 5 and it was dark by the time we got there. Jake's yellow beast isnt as tough as it looks and we could barely go 35 mph up the hills. By the time we got parked we had a screaming hungry baby and starving kids that wanted their dinner and smores NOW. Jake still had to unload the generator and hook it up so we could have power and park the trailer(and put all the feet down) so I quickly threw crustables at the kids and a pop so they were happy and Jake was disappointed to not get to try out the dinner he had planned (which probably would have been delicious but taken too long at that point) The kids did get to roast marshmellows before bed that night. The next day we went on bike rides around the camp and Jake got to take all the big kids fishing while zane slept in the trailer with me.Jake was trying hard to be a good sport but was at his limit when he came home with all the worms because Bailey had named them and hid them to save their lives and josh  decided that he had to use the bathroom after they had hiked a mile into the lake and Jake told him he would have to wait so he started to convince his sisters they had to go too figuring his odds were better if more then one person had to go and he was right. Jake really was done when he came back to camp to make one of the wonderful planned dinners he had prepared and the meat had all gone bad because the fridge wasnt cold enough. So good thing we had some luchables. It was a fun trip and the kids enjoyed it but next time I am all for a cabin or hotel.. cause when we got home I had bags full of smoky clothes and had to unpack the trailer and clean it aughhhhhhhhhhh... did I mention the kids had fun.

Falling in love

I am in love.. with my baby. I think you love your baby right away when they are born, but you really fall madly deeply in love with them when they start to interact with you. Zane is such a joy and I love his big smiles and when he snuggles with me and the best is when he reaches up and wants me. He is 9 months and almost crawling and is pulls himself up on everything and everyone. Jenny will now give him hugs and tells us that Zane loves her the best and we dont dare correct her. The novelty of having a little brother has started to wear off a little on Josh who asked for the last cracker the other day and I told him no and that we should save it for Zane and he responded with "Why does Zane get everything..." I knew it wouldn't last forever and will only get worse but I do however enjoy him being old enough to hold Zane for me esp. when I gotta use the restroom in public places.I am loving this age gap.