Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nine is Fine!!

Bailey turned 9 this week.. it wasn't a party year so we got her all to ourselves.
She wanted the new Pokemon White game for her DS

She also wanted an ice cream bday cake... I wanted to see if  I could make one and after watching a new instructionals on youtube ... I was ready !!

Bailey and I also went and got pedis mainly cause I wanted one :)

Then we went and saw a movie with the whole family
Then all the kids went on a ride with Jake in his "four wheeler"
(They sit down ..I just wanted to see them all and lady squished in the back)
Bailey with her Dad.. whos birthday is this week too. He always tells her she was his best birthday present because she came home from the hospital on his bday. The cake was actually pretty dang good. Good thing its pretty hard to mess up ice cream. Bailey is a lot me and I can see myself in her alot these days. She can be super sweet and super dramatic the next minute. She does have a tender heart and love for any animal as well. We sure love her and are glad she is in our family.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Break 2011

We  stayed home for Spring Break ... I know kinda lame so we sat down
and made a list of rules so we all would be happy and fun.
Then we made a list of fun things to do.....
1. Go to the library 2. Go to Water Park 3. Go to Mcdonalds 4. Have a friend over
 5. Go to the treehouse 6. Set up the swimming pool 7. Play laser Tag
(jenny was in charge of this list)
I did my "weekly" loads of laundry
Josh went to his first scout camp out
Bailey got stung by a bee
I ripped my shirt when I was swinging my arms trying to KEEP running
(Im attempting to run a 5k )
Jake and Zane fixed bikes...(shh! Dont mention the bald spot)

The three big kids waiting in line at the waterpark (we left Z with a sitter)

The week went too fast... I felt like we didn't get anything done! We ended up getting 4/7 things done on the kids list. Whew!! Maybe next year we will be more exciting.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Join the Club

Bailey in her new glasses
Josh showing her how to strike a pose

 Jenny wanted in on the fun... Josh ran and got her his old pair

Kicked out of the club... for being toooo handsy

Bailey got glasses last month... She failed the eye test at school and I being a good mother waited a couple of months and then waited for our vision coverage to kick in January 1st and then finally made an appointment and she REALLY needed glasses. She had never complained and I thought maybe she"might " need some but yep she is part of glasses club now and can totally see the board at school too now