Saturday, July 17, 2010

Carlsbad Caverns

Josh and Bailey EARLY in the morn to watch the Bats
(This is where they sat and the bats flew over their heads.)

We went to see the Carlsbad Caverns this weekend. It is only about 2 hours away from Roswell. Jake, Josh and Bailey woke up at 4am to go and watch the Bats return back into caverns. They said there were millions and millions that flew over their heads and back into the cave. Then later that afternoon we all went to the caverns and did the tour, which was family fun and educational according to Josh. (As well as "Man, I better not get Bat guanno (poop) on me. Jenny was worried and got after us when we talked to loud because she didnt want us to wake up the bats.... Zane sleep through most of it. It was interesting and the tour took over 3 hours to do with the kids.. we walked and walked and walked. Jake rented these audio devices for the kids to listen to at certain points of the trail and they would tell the kids about the history of the part of the cave. They loved to listen and I was so glad that there was an elevator at the end... that took us all back to the top.

Bailey Bait

Bailey was outside playing in the backyard and a turtle crawled by her foot.
So of course we kept it and she named it LAUREL which she may or may not name her daughter someday. Bailey is such an animal lover no matter what kind. She hates it when she gets out voted to watch cartoons instead of animal planet or the national geographic channel by her brother and sister. Jake keeps telling her she has to grown up to be a vet so she can buy him a corvette.

Bottomless Lakes

We went to a place called the bottomless lakes that is only a few miles away from here a few weeks ago. It was pretty fun, It reminded me alot of Whatcom Lake without the swimming docks to swim out to. The Lake was blue and pretty but next time we are going to go better prepared. ... like sunscreen and enough towels for everyone and maybe chairs and a umbrella to set up over the chair and a really good book for me to read. yah..... that would be perfect next time.

Fishing for Pansies ( and I loved it)

Look at that smile! Sweet Sucess!!
Josh looks a little sure of himself
Jenny refused to touch the fish!
The happy explorers
And of course ZJ with his first catch

We went up to the mountain to fish and explore one of our first weekends here. We drove and drove and DROVE.... looking for the perfect fishing spot. Jake still didn't have a fishing license so that complicated things because after we found a good fishing spot, he couldn't find a place to get a license so the KIDS...( and me)     were so tired you know from all the DRIVING and just wanted it to end so Jake found a place where we were promised to catch fish and you didn't have to have a fishing license (that was included in the price) We went and it was pretty much like fishing in a fish hatchery cause as SOON as the fishing pole went into the water the fish would bite and there was your fish. Yeah!!! The only problem was it didn't take that long for all of them to catch ONE , three or four fish and we had to pay $3 a inch.. So we dragged the kids away after a half hour and $ 93.00 later. Jake rolled his eyes at me while he payed but ALL , well me and the kids were happy to be done and headed home.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Camping 101

We went Camping this weekend in our trailer and I learned ..........

#1. It is never good to set up camp while it is raining and hailing

#2. Duct tape can really fix anything like your tent holes that have ripped in the rain and hail

#3. I never will bring enough dry clothes EVER!!

#4. Hot dogs cooked over a campfire are sooooo good even if they turn black from the flames.

#5. Little girls refuse to eat hot dogs that look black and will only eat the buns.

#6. Cleaning up vomit in the middle of the night is still not fun in the outdoors.

#7. When you spill oj all over you it doesnt dry quite the same as water.

#8. Although flip flops are nice to slip on and off... there is no way too keep your toes clean.

#9. Tennis shoes are soooooooooo much better to keep feet clean but not so fun when they get wet.

#10. Maybe I'm not a happy camper.

#11. You always sleep better the second night cause you are sooo tired.

#12. Sleeping with a baby that likes his space is not the easy thing to do.

#13. Worms can be the most exicting pets EVER.

#14. Kids actually fight over who has the best walking stick.

#15. Boys have an unfair advantage when there isnt outdoor bathrooms.

# 16. I have two girls..

# 17. I need to learn more campfire songs and stories.

#18. I did have fun but boy am I tired.