Friday, June 25, 2010

Josh.. big feet... Owens

Today I couldn't find my shoes... and I needed to run to the store so I went to the hall closet and looked one more time. Josh's sandals caught my eye, would they, maybe well.... I tried them on and they fit. So off to wal-mart I went and when i got home i left them in the hallway and  i hollered at Josh to put his shoes away and he came and said " Man, how did these get here... I swore I put them away." Then I giggled to myself and thought there are even more good things about kids getting bigger.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Shell City

Bailey found these snail shells in the backyard and cleaned them up and painted them all these bright colors. She was so proud of her work she decided to sell them .... for a 1 dollar each. We tried to discourage her and distract her but that wasn't going to happen. I was glad when she picked grandma out to hold her signs and yell loudly that SHELL CITY was open. So .... grandma was a good sport and went outside and QUIETLY yelled they were open for bussiness. I thought it was pretty funny and went and took pictures. Jake went out after a bit (and no customers ) and told Bailey that the city had called and she needed a permit. It was so sad to see her face drop so he quickly bought her inventory and grandma too. I am not sure if that taught her the right lesson but she better realize how much her grandma and dad love her.. anyways.


The kids in a tree in our front yard
our street
the mcdonalds looks like a ufo ship too
So we got here in Roswell last week. It is a pretty area if you take out all the alien stuff. It was fun at first but  now Jenny is having alien nightmares at night.  We can't even go to wal-mart without seeing aliens on the walls weeeeeeeeeee oooooooooooo weeeeeeee ooooo. I am really liking the area though, it has beautiful big trees and sidewalks. The house we are renting is only about 500 sq. ft bigger then our old one but it feels huge to us. Zane even gets his own room and doesnt get stuck with a closet. It kinda has an interesting floor plan but I do like it. The best part about the house is the the backyard, which is not huge either but has a full back porch with furniture and a bbq. We eat out there alot and it is really nice. I haven't met a soul yet and am starting to feel a little isolated but on the other hand I love the fact no one knows us yet too.  Jake is enjoying teaching and maybe would be tempted to stay if that was ever offered. There is alot of fishing and camping places around so that of course really tips the scales.

Zane loves his blankies

Is there anything cuter then a baby dragging a blanket around.... what about 2 and sometimes a pillow.