Monday, November 14, 2011

Desert Rats

Josh (almost) 12

Bailey 9

Jenny 7

Zane( almost) 3

Z would not sit still...

Owens Family 2011

I finally got my "Desert Pictures" taken by our friend BreannWashburn in our ward. She was nice enough to fight with Zane and Josh who were being pills and try and help us get a family pictures. For you that dont know they call kids that have been born and raised in Arizona "Desert Rats" and all my kids dont know anything different now so here's our pictures to prove it.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween 2011

I opted for Cookie Halloween Houses instead of Pumpkins

Zane wouldn't stop eating his to even decorate it but he was happy

                                                                The Costumes...

This year for Halloween we had a Skeleton knight,  an animal vet (small animal btw), woody the cowboy and Link from the video game Zelda. My kids think they are TOO BIG for theme halloween costumes..  SO they got to be whatever they wanted this year, although I begged Josh to be BUZZ LIGHT YEAR , he didnt go for it. We went to the wards trunk or trick.. The kids got  enough candy to make them happy and we were done at 7:30 pm, which was nice. This is the only way my kids know how to trick or treat in the back of peoples cars.... in a parking lot thedark. Maybe we need to take them for the "REAL" experience at least ONCE. All the kids Halloween costumes were fairly easy for me to put together EXCEPT Josh's. I tried to talk him out of it for weeks because I knew how much time and energy I was going to put into it.. but nope he wouldn't change his mind. So I enlisted Jake's help and we got it done... mostly. AHHHH!! Sometimes I feel like a SCROOGE and hate all the work that go into these coming holidays..yes I said ALL THE HOLIDAYS cause guess what is around the corner birthdays for the boys and CHRISTMAS.. I know I am awful right. ( I need a little christmas right this very minute...cue the music)

Dirty Laundry

Josh bet Jenny she couldnt fit in the washer..
 mystery solved

Josh waiting for his turn

Jenny shouting her white shirts.. Bailey was on folding and putting away duty

When I started having kids  the ONLY thing I thought about was BABIES ARE CUTE....

Some of the things I didn't think about were :

#1. MONEY-how much dang money they cost to clothe, feed, entertain and for schooling, piano, sports, books etc.
#2. TIME- how much time they need and take from me and Jake
#3. PATIENCE- oh how they test your patience and make you want to SCREAM!!
#4. MORAL COMPASS- they need one taught by you.
#5. TESTIMONY- Another thing we are held accountable for and so important that
  and so so many more .... but lastly the LAUNDRY having 4 kids makes... SOOOOO MUCH laundry. I dont think I did my own laundry till I was in college. I know I folded and put away laundry several times but actually sorting, starting the wash and changing it over to the dryer and folding and putting away all myself ... I can't remember doing till then. By the end of the week I am swimming in DIRTY laundry (or those clothes presumed DIRTY) It would take me 10 loads or more to get everyones laundry done and folded and put away.. until a few weeks ago when  I decided I'm done. Josh and Bailey are old enough to do their own .. from start to finish and I was willing to help the others still. The first week went smooth and the kids thought it was mostly fun. The second week it came back to bite me a little when I realized that BOTH Josh and Bailey had decided to RE-WEAR their clothes so they had less laundry to do. I am embrassed to say it took me till Wednesday to notice they hadn't changed their clothes (they do wear uniforms every day so they do all look alike somewhat) what made me notice was the dried food and stains all over their shirts and empty dirty clothes baskets. Oh well, We are powering on little by little all these kids are going to be pitching in and making life easier for EVERYONE esp. ME  and OF COURSE turning into responsiable little people.

Oh, and I blame Parents for making raising a good well adjusted family look so do-able and easy... and wish I could hug my mom and tell her just how much I love her and how much I appreicate all she did for me and all of us growing up... I hope she knows and knew. I guess my dad will have to do :)