Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Jenny is warming up

Since Zane has gotten home from the hospital Jenny has refused to even touch him. She won't sit by you if you have a baby blanket near you or esp if you have the baby. So We have been working on her trying just to get her to touch him or bring him a binkie or something. Yesterday I asked her if she wanted to hold Zane and She said" I think so and everyone will be so excited if I do it huh" too bad he screamed but she didnt seem to mind and She even let Zane play with her new Bolt stuffed animals...

Christmas 2008

This Christmas the kids asked Santa for a wii and even though mom and dad to lend Santa some elf exchange money to do so they still got a few extra items under the tree. All and all it they were all happy and it was a good christmas morning.

Top Ramon Please

Josh turned 9 the day we got home from the hospital with Zane. I was feeling pretty quilty and offered to make him ANYTHING for dinner and dessert. All he wanted was some Top Ramen and he went to the store with Jake to pick out a yummy cake or something for dessert and he came home with Egg Nogg Cake. No Joking...he loves egg nogg. I was surprised how easily he still had a good birthday with out doing much. I will have to ask him in a few years and see if it was still a good birthday in his memory.

Monday, December 22, 2008

More Family photos with the new baby

The happiest picture we could get of Jenny with the baby

The proud big brother

Bailey and Zane

THe one and only outfit I bought for a christmas photo

Zane Jacob Owens

Santa and Mrs. Clause came to the nursery to visit

Jake got me flowers .... 2 pink for the girls and
2 red for our boys.. he has done this for every baby

8 lbs. 12 oz

We are home from the hospital and we survived. Here are some pictures from the hospital of Zane.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's the end of the world

My husband bought us a fake tree. Never in the ten years that we have been married has he waivered on this Christmas ideal.. to have a freshly cut Christmas tree. I was shocked when he came home with his purchase. I guess having a 4th kid and getting old finally broke him. Another first this week was he felt cold and turned our heater on and wore a jacket... thats the first time since we moved here. I think his blood is starting to thin... and he is turning ARIZONA- IN. Baby update we have grandma owens here and the kids are thrilled and Jenny keeps telling me that I can leave now. I have less then 48 hours left until we have the baby here. I am offically freaking out. Maybe I can wait a little longer. ARe they sure that there is real baby in there, I think I am hitting denial that this is really going to happen and I still have so much more to do. I was surprised with a little shower from some good friends in my ward last week, which was so kind and nice of them and got our carseat today. So I am set but still working on the mental part of being ready. ... I will let you know how that goes.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nesting and sticker shock

I had my very last dr. apointment today. I don't have to see him again until he is taking the baby out next week in 9 days and grandma comes in 6 days. THe kids are so excited for grandma to come and I am excited for them too to get to have grandma all by themselves with out all the cousins. We love our cousins but it will be special to have some one on one too. I am starting to freak out when I realize that this will finally be over and our life as we know it will change again. I went and bought some diapers, baby bath, binkies, bottles and onesies. It is like having my first baby again because I dont have much. I still do not have a carseat. Jake and I will go and make that purchase this week. It is a lot harder to buy things when you know this is your last baby and you have to re buy those things you gave away. The one thing that I could not buy was formula. A can of formula when Jenny was a baby was around 12 bucks and now it was 21 dollars. I couldnt belive it and I couldnt buy it. Maybe when I have an actual baby screaming and then I just have to I will but right now it still not real.

Jenny, Jenny

So yes I have a little tomboy named Jenny. Which I am totally okay with but recently she discovered Josh's old underware that have cool boy things like batman and spiderman and cars. And since they dont make this in girls, she refuses to wear panties anymore she only wants the boy underware. Should I be worried. I do make her wear girl panies when we go to church and when she is in a dress just in case she flashes someone. She slept with me while Jake was at camp and I came into to this and had to take a picture for proof someday that yes she was really that boyish.

Back Yard Body Shop

My dad came down to visit us last month and wanted Jake to fix up some dents in his car that he got when he backed into his tractor. Jake and he went down to the local body shop supply store got supplies and paint from the owner had recently changed his first and last name to DUDE legally even. ... anyways, after lots of time prepping, sanding and painting Jake noticed that DUDE had mixed the wrong color of red... so yes after all that hard work my dad left with a two toned colored car. I forgot to take a picture of the finished product because its not done we will try again in February when he comes for the baby blessing.