Monday, March 12, 2012

PINK EYES, Science Fairs, Airplanes and SleepWalkin'

Pink Eye HIT our house this last week. NOt Fun! My Eyes still feel itchy thinking about it.

Josh AND Bailey had Science Fair Projects Due this week. AHHHHHH! It was tough the last couple of years with  JUST JOSH but now having to DO "help" TWO was CRAPPY!!

Zane is in LOVE with Airplanes.. he has to have one in his hand at ALL TIMES!

                                                            Jenny sleep walkin'


 O Zane... You never know what you are gonna get from this boy. He is such is own person. He is happy and sweet and then a HOLY TERROR and cute and WILD and ..... CRAZY!!

Waving Bye!

Zane started Preschool last week. He has been so behind in his speech and I have always been a little concerned esp. when seeing him with other kids his age or younger that would TALK... it floored me. So when he turned three I gave up on the idea that he's the baby or maybe he will be a late talker or he would just magically start to catch up... and got him tested at the school and he IS behind .. ALOT. It makes you feel like an awful mom and that you somehow did something wrong for him not to be a NORMAL three year old. SO he now gets to go to a special needs preschool for 3 year olds three days and week for 3 hours a day. He has started making progress all ready.. he is being more independant and loves to go ... so I do think it will be a good thing. I also started to take him to private speech once a week too. I just hope its enough to catch him up by kindergarten. He has been signing since 18months somewhat since his aunt sent us some "Signing Time" dvds which he loves and at speech and school they sign alot SO he signs even MORE. Which is helpful but I wish he could say the words too. AND I have to learn with him or he gets frusterated if I dont understand or remember the signs. I have teachers at church asking me what this sign or that sign means... when he is in sunbeams and is trying to tell them something.. even Jake will ask what certain signs are. It was funny the other day at church during sacerment Jake was manholding Zane and trying to get him to be reverent and he kept signing by puttimg his thumb on his chin.. Jake kept looking at me a little lost and I started laughing because he was signing "MOM" and wanted Jake to let him come to me.. so Jake Started signing back "NO, DAD, DAD, DAD" and Zane would sign "MOM" and so on. It was so funny! I wonder what people think cause he does sign quite a bit and we sign back.. O Zane, I hope you start talking soon. The speech lady got him to say " HELP and BUBBLE" at the last appointment. I wish it was easier for him but he can do it "sometimes with the right motivation" Heres to learning!

Here FiShY..FiShY

Arizona Aquarium

On Presidents Day the kids were out of school and Jake had to work.. but I wanted to do something FUN still so I took all the kids to the Arizona Aquarium in the Valley. I had heard great reviews about it and it has been here for a couple years now BUT I had also heard how expensive it was so we hadn't quite made it there. SO with Josh assuring me what a GREAT helper he would be we left early that morning and it was pretty cool. Zane loved it, Jenny liked it, Bailey thought it was interesting and Josh was not impressed after 5 minutes and ready to go over to GAME STOP at the Mall. Oh, how I am not enjoying his "tween" status. Needless to say we were home at noon with ONERY KIDS and an ONERY MOM. But hey we went and it was cool.