Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The party is over...... at least for some of us!!

Jenny started (pre) kindergarten last week. Which is all day long and five days a week. She has been doing really well... except for a little boy trying to steal her lighting Mc Queen lunch box the first week. In my head I think of her as my baby too. With the age gap I quess I have too. I worse then Jake who treats her like the other two big kids.... I know this is dangerous and I am really trying to make a conscious effort not to baby her. Josh and Bailey are starting a new school this year and it is still not ready to start.. so I am holding my breath cause I hope I made the right decision to send them to this new school since their old school started last week and yet they are still home with me until the new one gets up and running. I am not the kind of mom that could home school so it better happen!!!!

And the winner is........... MAMMA!!

My first try on Pajamas. I thought I did so good for winging it without a pattern but opps the shirt didnt quite fit.

I am swimming with bandanas for some super cute sewing projects I am working on. The kids dressed Zane up with some I had layin around.

I won!!! 2/4 kids said my name first. I have to admit I have been working on him for months but yes... success is mine. Life continues to fly and Zane is eight months old. He still is not crawling he has started to scoot on his back for things but is content to get carried around and his brother and sisters come to him to play and talk constantly so why bother right. I am trying to remember to enjoy this time with my last little baby and it continues to be so special to me. I wish I remembered to enjoy the other ones this much. You know before they knew how to talk back.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Evil Nevel update and Back to Utah/Idaho

Bailey and Jenny sliding down my dads stairs in a sleeping bag
Bailey and Jenny with the fish they caught out of my dad's pond.

The patient

Jake got his surgery two weeks ago and I am for sure the better patient between us too. He was sick from all the meds and is feeling better now. Grandma Owens came and got the kids for a summer time break with her so we went up to go pick them up and ended up clear in Idaho at my dads. We got to enjoy the weather and SNOW CONES!!!! yum. I only took three pictures the whole time but it was fun. We also got to go to Luke's blessing and I learned how to make sock monkeys... so exciting. ANd now We are all home with a sick with a cold just in time for school to start.