Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hailey Owens

Bailey's teacher came up to me and asked me if i had noticed that bailey had changed her name to Hailey. I had noticed a few things coming home with Hailey on it but I hadn't really paid attention to it. So I asked Bailey why she wanted to be Hailey now. She smiled and said "Mom, why didnt you just name me Hailey because my favorite letter is H not B. I said i was sorry i dint know that her favorite letter was going to be H. She said that H was her favorite letter because it started with her favorite thing......... HORSE. and she wanted the same letter too. I thought this was so funny but told her she better start liking BUTTERFLIES or BALLONS....

puppies and more puppies

So I thought that i would post some grown up puppy pictures they are all big and ready for homes... they are cute but full of energy. We had one of the puppys get bitten by a rattle snake in our back yard this week. It survived but will be scarred for sure. So I decided that having 10 dogs in my tiny back yard is hard but it is worse to have a sick one.

Indy Anna Jones

The Kids are really into indiana Jones and went and saw the movie this week. After we had dinner (spagettti) Jenny was excited to have her own Indy Beard....

the girls new look

I took the girls last week for a haircut and bangs... I was so excited and Bailey was all for having less tangles in her hair but Jenny would not let the hair cut lady touch her so mom cut bangs but wasn't brave enough to cut the long stuff.... so here is the before and after picture

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mexico 2008

We went to mexico this weekend with the kids for some fun and to play in the ocean. The kids loved it and Jake did too since he is always the big kid. I was happy to stay with Jenny and play in the sand and try and build sand castles and look for shells since she didn't like it if the waves went past her ankles... Jake, Josh and Bailey rode the waves for hours and came out of the ocean wet from head to toe.