Sunday, July 19, 2009

"TUB" for one

Zane is seven months and has gotten so active all of a sudden. Grabbing and reaching for everything. I was feeding him in the kitchen and he had made a MESS eating and I a thought and stuck him in the kitchen sink. PERFECT fit and it doesnt even hurt your back to lean over. Who needs a baby bath tub not me. Of course I now have to keep my sinks super clean.. Last night I was getting the kids ready their baths and Zane was the only one that I had to bathe...awhh so nice. (Bailey washed Jenny's hair for me while they were in the bath together.) Not too bad either.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Just a nibble,gotcha and random

LOOK she's holding him and smiling.... I told her I would get her a popcicle if she would hold Zane for me so yes... techically I tricked her but it worked.

Bailey is such a good helper and such a mini mom and Zane loves her.

Green Arizona

Jenny caught the only fish which was tiny.
Jake helped her hold it so it looked bigger in the picture.

Josh wanted to carry Zane but only lasted about 2 minutes and was ready to trade. Bailey and Jenny on the porch of our cabin.

Josh watching Zane for me while I made dinner.

I thought it was cute because it looked like they

were both reading the magazine.

Zane watching kids fish.

Bailey caught a lizard

We found a camping spot in Arizona that is so pretty and green. Bad news it is 4 hours away but the good news is that it exists. We rented a cabin up in Greer, Arizona this last week. We rode up in the mountains and trees and went fishing at some lakes in the area. Jake is scheduled for surgery on his shoulder on the 24th of this month so he wanted to get in some play time before he is in recovery mode for a while. We had a lot of fun enjoying nature and being where it wasnt so hot. I bet it was still 70-80 degrees but all my kids still wore their sweatshirts... yes, they now think that 80 degrees is a little chilly.