Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bailey's Birthday

finally a use for the deer in the living rm

everyone with their stuffed animals
Bailey turned eight last week and it was her year for a party so we had an animal party... She still loves horses but has now rounded out with a love of all animals. ANY and ALL. I have caught her bringing flies home in her back pack.. (don't ask me why) Anyways... I found a good deal on un- stuffed animals online that you could stuff at your house and I made outfits for the animals.. (I cut up a newborn oneies and made a shirt and panies) and a skirt for each girl to dress their animals up in. It was fun and all the girls had fun whew I am glad we dont have a party for another 2 years.

Bailey's Taking the Plunge

Bailey is getting baptized on April 10, 2010
at 10 am.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

..Like bunnies

We are weak.... we tried to resist. Bailey wanted a kitty for her birthday Thats all just a kitty. Some friends of ours in the ward have bunnies and Jake thought this was a better option since they could be outside and can't meow. So we went to look and we ended up with two... (Girls) so that they can keep each other company and they were so cute. The kids have been playing with them all week. Zane isn't too sure of them and doesnt want to touch them and Bailey and Jenny learned the art of dressing live animals up in doll clothes.. who needs barbies (we do have them btw I am sorta girly) Oh, the girls each named them..... Bailey named hers Cotton and Jenny named hers Nuts... (she said because hers looks like a peanut, but she giggles everytime she says it so I am not so sure)

High heels baby

My almost eight year old.

Bailey got her first pair of high heels.... she was so excited, so excited I felt a little bad. I used to think I was cool when I was younger and thought well knew that I was gonna be the coolest mom. Now I am not so sure maybe I am not so cool and not girlie enough with my girls. So anyways Bailey was thrilled and looks so grown up and Jenny however was confused ..... she thought they looked like guns.

Binky Boy

Zane will not take a binky but he needs something. He has been using his old bottle nipple to comfort him lately. I know it is too late to even think of the binky... but this little boy.....i dont know