Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sunday, May 27, 2012

My life According to My Phone Part 1

Bailey at her first GS JAMBOREE... Bailey got to go on a 3 day overnight camp with the girl scouts in April. I was kinda worried about how she would do but she LOVED it and I think it even made her come out of her shell a little (This is a pic I stole off FB from one of her leaders and my only reassurance that she was happy and well for those 3 days) It was FREEZING cold and SNOWING ..they went up to Northern AZ (it does snow there)

Girls Scouts ended for the year.. girls want to sign up next year EVEN if they have to SELL cookies which was EITHER of our favorite parts.. but they had fun and got to do some cool activities as well. This is the girls with all the badges they earned and the prizes for cookies sold.

We moved.. Yes we did it. We were brave and dumb who the heck knows but we did it. We bought another house so Yes we now own TWO!! Not by choice but as a last resort... We were lucky and rented old our old house a week after signing on the new one.. without even "offically" listing it.      (GULP.. we are landlords ) The Pros out weighed the CONs.. we were able to get into 2X the house and get into town and save some time and gas money $$ It is scary and but it was time to make the leap. We are loving being close to things and all the room in the new house. I have decided we might need intercoms and a laundry shoot however :) I only took a few pics of the new house to show u

                                                 Zane was NOT the best moving "buddy/helper" 
Just in case you were wondering... Zane and I packed up most of the house while Jake was at work and the big kids were at school. We had 5 days to be completly out and house ready for the new renters ... we are still tired holy cow..

Josh was a "better" helper a Clown at times but he and Jake and I did ALL the heavy lifting

                                                 Our Pool at the new house

One of  the living Rooms
                                   A Picture symbolizing" ALL the FAST FOOD that
                                            week no COOKING was even ATTEMPTED

                                                         Entry Way of the house

                                                      Front of the new house

THe CUTEST thing EVER... Jenny's new Signature