Monday, August 2, 2010

Sante Fe

We went to Santa Fe, New Mexico... which I may or may not have thought was in Texas..maybe I need to start studying some maps. Anyways, We took the kids on a Train ride to Lamy, New Mexico got to eat lunch there and then ride the train back to Santa Fe.

This is what the train looked like and the kids were sooo excited.

The had a place between the cars that you could be totally outside during the ride. This is where we spent most of the ride.. esp. Zane he didn't want to ride inside even though he was sooo tired. It made me a little nervous and Jake kept getting upset at me when I would sneak a hand on Zane's leg when they were leaning a little to closely to the edge. ( you know for extra insurance in case he fell outta Jake's arms I could quickly grab him) Jake thinks I am turning into a nervous nelly like my mother.. likely so

The kids inside the train

Jenny just "resting her eyes" for a minute

Zane almost asleep outside with Jake.

It was fun and hopefully a memory for the kids. Josh said " that a train was his favorite vehicle probably until he gets to ride a rocket." Jenny said " Trains are faster then motorcylces." Bailey is ready to go again and Zane .. well we will all have to tell him about it someday.. We enjoyed the weekend and exploring Sante fe.

Side note: After two kids you have too many kids to stay in a hotel. Unless you bring the bendryl.