Sunday, November 30, 2008

ThanksGiving THanks

Jenny kissing Roofert yuck... but it makes me giggle

Megan and Jenny on the tramp

Braxton and Josh shooting guns with the boys

The girls at the pink table

This Year for thanksgiving we went down to Brian and Shan's and I didn't have to do anything. Shan and Brian had everything ready all we had to do was show up. Which was so nice and I appreicated that esp. since I feel as big as a whale and cant do anything in this body until this baby gets OUT. WHich is in 19 more days , you bet I have a count down. Jake is leaving me this week and going to camp for a week for work. He will get home a week before the baby comes. I am going to miss him but at least I can be a complete home body if I want since I have no soccer and no callings and I am not opposed to going and renting video games and movies to entertain the kids. Yes, I know good parenting for sure. Anyways, back to thanksgiving. ... we had a lot of fun and I love the picture that shan has of the boys in the back of the truck with Jake and Brian I think that was the best picture for sure but I will try and see if I have some different ones of the cousins having fun this thanksgiving. We are so glad we aren't alone with the Sun State.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Reprieve is here....Hallaleu la!!!

Soccer is over!!!! After 3 months of helping COACH soccer with my friend so both of our sons could play I am finally done. I have been counting the days and boy did I barely make it. We had practices twice a week and games on Saturdays where I had to go alone carry three camp chairs get all my children to follow me as we walked to Bailey's and then Josh's game. Alot of times my feet were so swollen by the time I got to Josh's I could not even stand up but I was still there and thats what counts. I also got released from teaching primary this week, which I wanted for when the baby was here and out because realistic -ly Jake doesnt have a lot of sundays off and I just am not even willing to try and handle a newborn with a primary class. I did it with Jenny and it was just too hard. So I feel like a wuss and not a very tough lady but I am grateful the presidency gave me that break. I still have scouts every thursday night but I think I can handle that. BUT the biggest thing that has happened in the past few weeks is Jenny started HEAD START at the school. So she is gone from 12- 4 everyday. So I have NO KIDS in the afternoon everyday. NO kids!!! I have been shopping and out to lunch and even to the movies all by my self. That hasn't happened for over 9 years. 9 years people..... and soon it will all be over. I am down to 30 Days. I am so ready for the baby to come but yet I am enjoying my last taste of a little freedom.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pretty baby teeth

I love pretty baby teeth. I never relized how much until Josh lost his front teeth and these huge chompers grew in that totally do not fit his little face.... so when Bailey's started to get loose, I waited. I didnt beg her to let me pull them out like I did Josh. I wanted those pretty baby teeth to stay in. We lost both front teeth today and I am sad and a little afraid of whats coming. Please let them not be too huge and maybe even straight.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween and babies

I have been looking at everyones cute halloween blogs and I decided I better i better post one of my kids. I will post my one and only picture that I took. I am offically a slacker mom. I bought all the costumes and poor Bailey got to make up a combonation costume at the last minute. I am usually quick good and creative esp. for halloween but not this year. I could have skipped the whole thing except my kids were so excited. This halloween was almost as bad as the Halloween when Jenny was born and the kids just trick or treated on all the doors in our house (bedroom, bathroom, etc) I know pretty sad but at least they were too little to remember so shush keep the secret.Anyways, I have offically 46 days left until I can get this baby out. Baby boy owens will be born on December 19, 2008. Yes, I am sheduled for c-section # 4 and hopefully will be home for Josh's birthday on the 22nd. I seem to be carrying another amazon boy. I am on offical watch from my dr. and ultrasound lady to check my amino fluid every few weeks since I am measuring 3 weeks bigger and the baby is already 5 lbs. My girls were normal but not the boys.... anyways I ran out of fluid with Josh reason for the c-sections and they took him 2 1/2 weeks early weighing 8lb 9 oz. and He is still a big guy and always will be. I think both my boys will be taller then their dad and maybe even their tall grandpas.