Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hand Me Downs

This is what happens when you have an older brother and older sisters

101 stuffed animals on the floor (really 101)

My girls love, love stuffed animals and I have noticed that the are kinda getting out of control so I have been slipping out bags of stuffed animals every couple of months and i thought that maybe they were big enough to pick their favorite 10 and we could get rid of the rest.... nope. I only could talk them into getting rid of 10 together and I think I am going have to go back to the old system and seek them into the SRP (stuffed animal relocation program)

Easter 2010

The Easter Bunny came and almost forgot poor Zane
Brian and Shan got new couches which I hit my knee on at least three times.

For Easter we went to Sierra Vista and I took one picture... we did lots of fun things... like we went to a 3-D movie with the kids and we all looked so silly in our glasses I would crack up everytime I looked at anyone and poor Zane kept trying to rip the glasses of us every chance he got. (Totally missed the picture opt) Then we went swimming at the wave pool and that was a lot of fun..( missed that picture opt on purpose)
I was a slacker on the picture taking but I did take a picture of my knee when we got home cause owwwh it hurt and I wanted some sympony.

The Big Day in the Splash Zone

grandpa Manwaring

Grandpa Manwaring got Bailey pink roses and a pretty pink necklace which she loved.
I was really trying to smile in the picture  
Grandma Owens and Aunt Cami made a Baptism Blanket
The Arizona Manwarings got creative with candy (and Josh was jealous cause he got a picture of jesus)
Grandpa and Grandma Owens
Bailey did it, she got baptized this last week. We had a short and sweet baptism, which we all loved. she was the only one in our ward so it was all about Bailey. We had all the grandparents and Uncle Brian and Shan and kids of course(I didnt get a picture of them though) It was a good day.... I remembered the white underware but forgot towels so maybe by the time Zane gets Baptized I will have my duties of a good mom perfected... ;)