Monday, February 22, 2010


An old picture but so cute....

Jenny came home from school the other day and told me that she wanted to go by her nickname JENNiFUR. I told her no thats not a nickname and that isnt your real name, you are just jenny. She quickly said that she hates being just jenny because JENNiFUR sounds cooler like a dinosaur or a tree. I thought that was funny.


My other son is CRAZY. He is now 14 months and finally walking a little. Again, I realize that these little spirits come into our families with their own personalities. Zane has already chipped his front tooth, lost a fingernail, I think I counted  5 bruises on his face from last week alone,(I called Jake 2x to ask what exactly to look for in a concusion) , has at least 2 baths a day and is fearless. He is busy, busy, busy. He climbed out of his crib and landed on his head and learned how to climb into the bathtub last week. Josh was such a different baby calm, quiet, neat and so easy going. Zane will already throw full on tantrums on the ground if you shut a door or take away something from him. 2 sons and so different and 2 girls and so different.Some are easier to get along with and I am SCARED for the teenage part. I just hope they all grow up knowing I love them all the same. Heavenly Father just knew he had to sent the calmer ones first so I would think I could handle Jenny and Zane.

A softer touch

Josh is our first born son. Jake had a lot of things envisioned for him for his future and so far not many of those things have come true. He is a good boy and loving brother most of the time and loves to go to church. He has unwaivering faith and loves the gospel and his heavenly father so  that is something to be proud of but father and son are so different. Jake hates to read, Josh loves to read and always has his nose in a book. Jake tends to like sports(aka. motorcylces and fast cars) Josh perfers to walk and has only ridden his bike when bribed  or forced to do so. These two butt heads ALOT. Sometimes I wonder if it is my fault cause I am the one home all the time and somehow broke Jake's son. But then I have to remind myself that Josh isn't broken, he just has his own spirit and personality.It is painful to watch them try and do the dishes together.Josh is getting older and has really expressing his own will power and thoughts. I have been trying to think of something to do so I dont feel like we are always getting after him. So....Josh and I started running a few weeks ago. It has been kinda fun. At first I had to talk him into going and he would complain .... "we have to walk how far.", "can I play my ds when I get home.... my side hurts..... I gotta pee....... I'm tired etc. etc. Yesterday he came and got me off the couch all dressed and ready to go. Come on Mom let's go. It has been so fun having this one on one time with Josh. Even though I have to listen to endlessly about Pokemon and Mario during the our walking periods. (did you know that mario and luigi are plumbers from Brooklyn) I didn't. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

80% Owens....

Josh told me the other day that he was 80% Owens and 20% Manwaring.... I quickly responded by saying no you are 50/50. Then I gotta thinkin... maybe he was right. I think I lost on percentages with  both my boys. It's okay cause I will be happy  if they grow up to be just like their daddy.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

In the Jungle the MIGHTY Jungle....

A grass biniki

Can you see Bailey
We buried Josh in Grass pickins'.. like sand but green
Zane is standing up... or is he?
We need to mow our lawn.... what do you think? I need "Triple B" all I have is Triple "J" and they are fired!!