Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sweet Baby Zane

I am home for a couple of hours to visit with my other kids and get a shower but

I wanted to give an update and picture for those of you wandering about little zane. He was admitted Sunday night for rsv/ pnuemonia and had to be put on a breathing tube. They told us to expect him to be on it for a week or two. He is doing good today and all he sats are good and his blood gasts are near perfect the nurse said. That is good news right ali and josie. They were even able to lower the vent a little more. He is expected to recover fully but it will just be a while for his body to recover. Keep us in your prayers.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dish Duty

I feel like such a slacker mom and I have been on auto pilot for the last year with being sick and pregnant and now with a newborn... My kids are not learning how to work and be responsiable so I have finally decided to crack the whip. (HARDER anyways) We had a FHE that we talked about chores and why we all need to help out. I assigned chores and dish nights. So for the last two weeks Jake and I have been taking turns helping them each have their own dish night a few times a week. Anyways, I have been still helping them and doing alot of the work thinking they are still fairly young (not josh) so It was Jennys dish night and i asked Bailey to help her start washing of dishes.. I was on my way to help but the little boys screamed and I sat down to feed him and I hear the girls still working in the kitchen and I directed them a little from the couch but those two girls did the kitchen and worked together and even washed off the counters... I did have to re arrange some of the dishes in the dishwater but they did pretty dang good. I was so surprised and proud of them I took a picture.

The price of peace.......$169.99

I am still a little sick that we paid that much but we were desperate. I have been lucky to have really good natured babies (except when Bailey when she had ear infections) but this little boy not so much. He cries when you put him down for a minute. I have had to let him scream while I try and make meals or help my other kids. He is happy as long as you are holding him and holding him how he wants to be held. We have a bouncer and we discovered last week that if we had one of the kids sitting behind it rocking it he would sit in it. SO I did try and be thirfty and looked for a cheap used swing. They were still kinda of expensive and i didnt even know if he would like it so i decided to go buy one and then I could just return it if it didnt work. The cheapest swing that I could find was 70 bucks... I couldnt belive it but if it worked oh how it would be worth it. It didnt work... the swing went too fast and he screamed worse in the swing then out of it. We returned it and noticed this swing, this very expensive swing that rocks slowly from side to side and vibrates and sings and even mimics sounds from the womb just to list a few of the features... now most of these things I could care less about but it looked like it might work. But could I adjustify spending that much no. jake had the last three days off with me and I left him with the baby and he came home with the swing yesterday for me. He said yes it is worth it if it works for peace and our(my) sanity. SO we tried it out and it has been wonderful so far I have had a shower made meals for my children and even read stories to them at night without the screaming. But yet I still feel quilt so I called the store and asked how long I had to return it and they told me 90 days. so I at least can have 90 days of peace right...