Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Christmas Eve

christmas eve... building home depot gingerbread houses

Baileys new christmas dress and american girl doll

Grandma Manwarings blanket presents

sleepy grumpy z (with his blanket from grandma ..favorite one now still)

                                    Elf trap... and spy gear to see if any kids woke up and peeked
                                        Kids on top of stairs waiting for me to cut the elf trap :)

Christmas was wonderful this year AFTER it was over of course.. We had grandma and grandpa Mawaring visiting so we got to enjoy them too. They came back up from Brians on Christmas Eve... and I had found some clearanced gingerbread houses at home depot which I thought were perfect for grandpa. The colors were even orange and white haha. That was a fun activity for the kids after our CLAM CHOWDER from IVANS even. Grandma helped me make bread bowls to put the soup in and it was SO GOOD. We read the Christmas story out of the bible and warned the big kids that they werent allowed to get up until we came and got them from Jenny's room. They all wanted to sleep in there together... AFTER zane woke up. So we didnt get up until 7am and it was wonderful and the big kids were good sports about it as well.

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