Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Josh's Bday #13

birthday booty

                                                              fancy minecraft cake

These are the only 2 pics of Josh's bday that I took. BAd mom maybe... I really struggle with my xmas birthdays.. (I was sewing grma and grpas BEAUTIFUL blanket during his "PARTY" ) so I was a little distracted.. Josh wanted to go to the movie "THE HOBBIT"with his 2 good buddies.. which I passed to Jake... 3.5 hour elf, hobbit, ring BOY BONDING.. but I did make him a ice cream cake :) He wanted the new lego lord of the rings wii game .. which I got and Jake took him to a suns game. He had a great time and I dont think he minded his mom sewing in the background for the night. Josh is such a good kid. MOST of the time. There are times when that TEENAGE starts to come out but he is always quick to back down and I hope has learned to "listen and say OK MOM I will try to do that Im sorry.." Instead of arguing and digging himself in deeper. :) And he is still learning what he can and CANT say to his sentstive sisters.. yes , EVEN if he starts the sentence out with "NO OFFENSE but....He is very thoughful and loves his family and his wife will love him someday that much more for putting in his dues with his 2 sisters..haha  He still loves his books and video games ALOT as well. Josh is a big help to me and just as I ALWAYS tell him Heavenly Father sent him first  to be a good big brother to his sisters and for his mothers sanity because  honestly he was my easiest baby, toddler, grader school yet ..we sure love him.

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